Army Building; Tactics; Craftworld Unit Recommendations .. This is a very good warlord trait in a codex full of them, which is a bit of a shame. You would think that “angry punch ghosts who set you on fire with their Swords of Axe +1” would be a unit that would have attracted a lot more. Overview. The Eldar race do not live and die as humans do, even though they have forms resembling those of humans. Originally, when an.

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Do note that Wave Serpents get the respective twin version, which in the case of Scatter Laser, Star Cannon and Shuriken Canon gets a small price discount compared to two single weapons.

As far as the craftworls of Warlocks you’re taking, if you’re confident that you can keep your Warlocks safe remember, they’re not characters in a conclavefeel free to take just 4 and fill the rest of the Serpent with more Banshees. Pick a friendly Farseer.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Eldar(8E) – 1d4chan

While a good amount of eldar cheese has been toned down since 8th edition launched, there are still a couple units that can perform spectacularly when grouped together. Warp Spiders also fill a slightly similar roll, and are more challenging to shoot off the board comparatively. This is the current Edition’s Eldar tactics. Use Doom or the standard CP reroll instead. Take a Farseer with the first two powers, and a Farseer with the second two – for this example, we’ll use the latter.

Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Karandras is the more offensive option, between his exploding attacks and buffing nearby Scorpions to do the same, they can take down key backline infantry or characters with relative ease.

Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Craftworlds Codex

Just imagine how many Fire Dragons or Wraithguard in Wave Serpents you can field for that, and they are going to ckdex considerably harder to take down in one go. On the flipside, Dark Reapers are also a perfect counter coxex other armies abusing to hit modifiers themselves. Nice if you deployed first for a quick counter-deployment strategy in case you fucked up your unit placement.


You will maximize the number of Runes of Battle your Warlocks can cast while simultaneously maximizing the number of Banshees crammed in the Wave Serpent with them.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar(8E)

Choose one of these for Your Dudes. See all 9 brand new listings. The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable.

Asurmen is all but mandatory, as he can make most of your army particularly tanky with his invuln buff and compliments your Dire Avengers to such a potent degree that it’s simply staggering. Between Celestial Shield, Protect and effective Morale immunity, it’s likely that your opponent will have to explicitly focus them down in order to properly secure whatever point your Guardians were Counts as a Rune of Battle. All attacks that target that unit in this phase will only hit on a 6, irrespective of modifiers.

Cast any non-Quicken buffs on the Spears, then Quicken them. Eldar vehicles went up in toughness and resiliency but also skyrocketed in price just like all vehicles in this edition.

Also pretty nice on that Farseer in the Dark Reaper blob that they just guided. Honestly if you’re running a Footdar list it’s this or Biel-Tan. Prince Yriel gets special mention due to being an Iyanden specific character, though you can do better with a vanilla Autarch at a more reasonable price point. Hemlocks are powerful fliers even cdoex the added durability, S12 auto-hitting shots will make short work of MEQs, Monsters and Tanks alike, though the limited number of shots launched per turn makes it less effective against horde-based armies directly.

Concordance of Power 1 CP: Take extra relics, Eldar style. Should you elect to combine the skills of the Aeldari as a whole into one detachment, fielding a Reborn Warhost may be the best option for you depending on what you wish to bring.

Non-special Asuryani Characters can take anything below, and if you have an Craftworldz Warlord you may take one for free in your list. That unit can move and advance as if it were the movement phase.

Hemlock Wraithfighters are arguably more useful though, given their S12 autohitting D-Scythes and as an extra vector for Runes of Battle debuffs. All the other craftworld flyers do indeed prefer the Alaitoc attribute as well, though the Hemlock is arguably the best choice if you’re going to use this slot at all.


This math was done with WC7 powers, of course – you don’t need the re-roll nearly as much for Will of Asuryan or Smite, and they’ll go off with Combined with Pulse Laser Discharge, this stratagem can wreak absolute havoc on almost everything in the game.

Linked Fire 1 CP: Additionally, this doesn’t change any of the tags on the Corsairs themselves, meaning all Stratagems, auras and non-Ynnari psychic powers cannot affect them. On the other hand, all your dedicated melee forces will enjoy re-rollable charges, making Saim-Hann very fight-friendly indeed. If they ever even make it so close alive to begin with. Watch your opponent pop an artery when your Fire Dragons immediately incinerate those Space Marines that tumbled out of that rhino you roasted literally seconds before them.

It is also the ideal Craftworld for a vehicle heavy list, or for maxing out footdar infantry unit sizes due to their built in commissar-esk rules the old commissars, before the dreaded Chapter Approved. Iyanden is the best Craftworld by far for fielding units such as these, as the damage table ruins their effectiveness in other craftworlds. Guardian Defenders are a good secondary choice; while they can’t contribute much firepower outside that 12″ the Alaitoc attribute needs to stay effective, they can still plant a lot of bodies on an objective and can be a pain to clear off if utilizing the Celestial Shield stratagem and Protect psychic power.

Fire PrismsFalconsNight SpinnersWarp Hunters and Lynxes all love this perk immensely as well, though Dark Reapers are arguably more cost effective than most of these choices and considerably more discreet in their placement.

Used whenever a friendly Asuryani unit is chosen to fight. So technically if you wanted to run an all wraith army you would get more mileage from Ynnari’s Strength from Death. Something else to remember, wraith units in your army don’t even have Battle Focus.