Crash by Lisa McMann – If what you see is what you get, Jules is in serious trouble. The suspenseful first in a series from the New York Times bestselling author. Crash is a great, suspenseful, interesting book that always kept me hooked and wanting to keep reading. The DeMarco family, Jules, Rowan, Trey, Paula and. Parents need to know that Crash, the first installment of the Visions trilogy by popular, prolific author Lisa McMann, is narrated by a teen girl.

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This, however, is just not for me and I won’t be reading the sequel.

Crash: Visions, Book 1

Book 1 of Visions. Like, all the time, but I’m not a creep or anything. They may bicker occasionally, but they are all in this weird restaurant rivalry thing together. We learn what instigated the rivalry between the Demarco’s and the Angotti’s. I really enjoyed this story. Other than that, though, this was almost total disappointment. Jan 08, Emily May rated it it was ok Shelves: This was just an OK read. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! Jules is seeing visions—actually one vision on a loop almost everywhere she looks.

You can find this review and more at The Readers Den. You see, Jules’ family and Sawyer’s family are rival pizzeria owners. Also, the story get a plus treating issues like depression seriously.


Her vision is not in her head, instead playing like a commercial which she sees on the television, in windows, and as still frames on billboards and road signs, everywhere she looks.

I also appreciated how her family mcmxnn about her, and confronted her because if you take out the paranormal, it would all point to jcmann to be worried about. Definitely, give this one a try.

Throw in a family feud, a cute boy, and death visions…. I didn’t put the book down during the last ish pages, not even to eat or use the restroom.

Crash (Visions, #1) by Lisa McMann

I thought the story was going to be more action packed and thrilling, I mean she sees visions!! Check out my YouTube channel: It was overly dramatic mcmanm made to seem like it was something bigger than what it was.

I mean the warm, crooked smile that doesn’t come out unless he’s feeling shy or self-conscious. If only there were more interesting visions The writing was just too juvenile for YA fiction.

Fast-paced story of teen who can see from a killer’s eyes. The suspenseful first in a series from the New York Times bestselling author of the Wake trilogy. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

mdmann A vision of a horrific crash that kills many people haunts Jules and drives her to desperate choices. She and her brother are bullied at school because of the family feud between the Demarcos and the Angottis, a rival restaurant family. Overall, boring and repetitive but at least it was short and the ending was kind of cute. I wish I had eyes like that. While they used to be friends, their parents put a stop to that at the beginning of 7th grade.


After Jules tells Sawyer, the vision seems to let up somewhat, but when Sawyer fails to believe her, the visions resume at a greater intensity. I honestly found myself cringing many a time with her efforts to try to keep Sawyer “safe” because of her visions.

Children’s Book Review: Crash by Lisa McMann. Simon Pulse, $ (p) ISBN

It’s a fast read and really light. Lots about responsibility, family loyalty, working hard, and mutual support. Llsa story line was fresh and interesting 3. It was just ‘okay’ for me. She’s in love with the boy who’s family own the rival pizza shop. On the other hand, Jules never takes the deity’s name in vain, substituting such expressions as “thank the dogs.