Crumar Bit99 Crumar Bit One Wave Alchemy Evolution Roland JUNO Korg Poly 61 I have the 99 (a black one), had two BITs for a while. The Crumar Bit 99 has an average rating of out of 5.(The Crumar Bit 99 has a total of 10 reviews). Sonic State:SynthSite:Crumar Bit 99 ted by Henri Pigmans. Also on this page: links to other resources for the Crumar Bit

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This emulation also covers the Bit The oscillators can work slightly differently as well. The square wave is exclusive and will typically only function on the most recently selected ie, typically highest harmonic. This synth was used by State but the synth sounds a lot like Orbital ‘s “In-sides” album.

Crumar Bit 99 Reviews & Prices | Equipboard®

When you load it with a single push on the Load button it returns to the active program, but if you double click then its ‘peer’ program is loaded into the other layer: Then, each layer can be simultaneously edited and just needs to be parked and saved separately.

The Bristol Bitm2 has about all of the parameters selectable from the front panel however all of the emulations use the same memories so it is not required to configure them at startup ie, they are saved. This sequence will allow the lower layer to configure certain global crumxr that the upper layer will not overwrite, for example the layer crumaar will be select from the lower crumzr when the upper layer is dual loaded. Those that are not displayed can only be accessed from the data entry buttons.


When you save a memory it is written to memory with a ‘peer’ program locator. It Works perfectly, except that depending Having only one filter meant that with key tracking enabled the filter would open up as different keys were pressed, wildly changing the sound of active notes.

VCF with envelope VCA with envelope Two LFO able to modulate all other components, controlled by the wheel and key velocity, single waveform but one had ramp and the other git options. The bristol envelope, when configured for velocity sensitive parameters other than just gain will also affect the attack rate.

If you do prefer the changes then to keep them you must “Park” them into the running program before crumaar the memory.

Crumar Bit 99 – Specifications, pictures, prices, links, reviews and ratings

Per default the emulation, as per the original, will not allow voice editing in Split or Layer modes however it can be enabled with DE The memories for the bit-1 and bit should be interchangable however the code maintains separate directories. Bristol is in no way associated with the original manufacturer, neither do they endorse this product.

This is slightly compensated by the ability to configure more complex DCO. The emulation recognises the following parameters: The Compare button can be used to flip between the last loaded value and the current modified one to allow you to see if you prefer the sound before or after the modification.

These are only activated for the lower layer loaded memory, not for dual loaded secondaries or upper layer loaded memories. Bristol can have all memories as Split or Layer. The second is the bit that included midi and split parameter in the GUI and has the white design crymar was an option from Crumar.


Polyphony – 6 voices. A rackmount version was also released, called the Bit The emulation includes the ‘Compare’ and ‘Park’ features although they are a little annoying without a control surface.

The memories are organised differently to the original. The third is a slightly homogenous option that is specific to bristol, similar to the black panelled bit99 but with a couple of extra parameters.

Crumar Bit 99

It had 99 memories, and the ones from 75 and above were for Split and Layered memories. The front panel gain controls are also not saved in the memory and default to 0. It had a keyboard sensitivity pot however that is achieved separately with bristol using velocity curves from the MIDI control settings.

The synth was not really stereo, it had two outputs – one for each layer. This is anticipated in 0. This rcumar the extended mode. Mono is a centre pan of the signal and Stereo pans hardleft and hardright respectively.

Sounds Of The Crumar Bit 99 Synthesizer

Crumwr browser does not support the audio element. Date Produced – – If stereo is selected then voices will exit from a totally arbitrary output depending on which voices is allocated to each note. The following were added which were not really part of the Bit specifications so are only visible on the front panel of the bit