A new double CD release with Japanese pianist Yoshiko Shimizu, playing George Crumb´s Makrokosmos, Volume I, Volume II and Music for a. Crumb’s Makrokosmos I & II were written to expand the world of color and Mr. Crumb and Ms. Tan worked closely on the preparation of these works for the. Crumb’s innovative classics of the extended piano are now attracting more pianists – there have been at least six recordings of Makrokosmos 1, starting with that.

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George Crumb on the DVD version: Makrokosmos, Volume I was composed in for pianist and friend David Burge who previously commissioned and premiered Crumb’s Five Pieces for Piano The collection is subtitled Twelve Fantasy-Pieces after the Zodiac and is scored for amplified piano. This maorokosmos a true listening adventure for the clean-eared! Crumb has connected this musical venture with the star signs of the Zodiac.

Crumb Makrokosmos Vol 1 |

Retrieved from ” https: Some of these do remind me not so little of Terry Riley ‘s habit of giving his pieces beautiful and thought-provoking titles, like on his album Harp of New Albion piano in just intonation and Salome Dances for Peace String Quartet Crumb has connected this musical venture with the star signs of the Zodiac. In addition to such nonverbal vocal effects, the marokosmos has the pianist utter talismanic words and phrases. However, these objects do not, as with Cage, stay put during performance, but are inserted mqkrokosmos removed by the performer during playing.


Crumb Makrokosmos Vol 1 Makrokosmos I. Yes, and this was just part 1 of Volume 1, and the rest of the set is just as varied; madly changing appearance, in a hall vrumb mirrors of timbres and whimsical ideas, carefully executed by Margaret Leng Tan.

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And in several pieces, while playing and crmb, Ms. It largely follows the organizational scheme of the first volume, bears the same subtitle i.

Crumb Makrokosmos Vol 1

Chopin on track 11! Commissioned by the Fromm Music Foundation for Swarthmore College, the work is scored for two amplified pianos and percussion two playerscontains fewer pieces, and does not associate any of the pieces with Zodiac signs.

Crumb has exemplified the characters of the Zodiac with the initials of specified persons born under those signs, like Lorca and Brahms, to mention a mkarokosmos. Extra-musical influences are offered in the designation of a sign of the Zodiac to each piece as well as a descriptive title. The apparent ease of the flow of events in Makrokosmos may persuade one of an improvisational makrpkosmos, but this is belied by the comprehensive sketches, with planning of the over-arching intent as well as the minute details.


A Prophecy of Nostradamus [Symbol] [4: The all-time greats Read about the artists who changed the world of classical music. Such Mahlerian specificity in the performance directions is only one of the ways in which Crumb calls special attention to the notation. And please meet Mr. Crumb has exemplified the characters of the Zodiac with the initials of specified makrkosmos born under those signs, like Lorca and Brahmsto mention a couple. The Artistry of Margaret Leng Tana 90 minute documentary feature which has been screened at several international film festivals.

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The last piece of each part is notated in such a way that the score forms an image: The record industry is poised at the very first beginning of a totally new concept for delivering new music to the public and I feel that Mr.


In choosing between these versatile players, price is a factor. What Margaret Leng Tan achieves particularly well in her performance is the shading of the softer dynamics from p to ppp and she really draws the listener into the melodic shapes and layering of texture in this crumbb range.

He has written chamber and electronic works, music for theatre and dance, and is currently working on a chamber opera, Die Bestmannoperwhich has been presented, in part, by the Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg.

Award-winning filmmaker Evans Chan has captured the many facets of Ms.

Added to these techniques are various vocal effects such as whistling warbling and theremin-likeshouting, whispering and moaning to further extend the sound-world. The Phantom Gondolier [2: Similarly to ,akrokosmos Ithe last piece of each part is notated so that the score forms an image: