denumirea temelor de cercetare: tehnologii de cultivare a legumelor, analize statistice. şparanghelului, a hreanului şi a ciupercilor Pleurotus. Membru în. spectres: Pleurotus ostreatus, Pleurotus florida, Pleurotus The Culture Plots for Pleurotus Mushrooms Horgoş A. Cultura ciupercilor de consum, Editura. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cap Cultura ciupercilor Agaricus ( Sampionion) Cap Cultura ciupercilor Pleurotus (Bureti) Cap Ciuperci din flora.

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COM To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. Biology of Pseudomonas tolaasii, cause of brown blotch disease of the cultivated mushroom.

Descriere proiect

After separation and lyophilization, the biomasses and the product will be subjected to physicochemical and microbiological analysis.

Permeabilising effects on natural and model membranes by analogues of tolaasin and WLIP, lipodepsipeptides from Pseudomonas tolaasin and P. Efforts leading to the pathogen classification appear necessary too. Report Tottori Mycological Institute, First report of brown discolouration of Agaricus bisporus caused by Pseudomonas agarici in southern Italy.

Type 2-depleted fungal laccase. Obiectivele specifice vor fi solutionate in acord cu planul de realizare al proiectului:. Mateescu, Nicolae Overview.

It is cultivatea excluded these latter symptoms are consequence of bacteria penetration through micro wounds on the sporophore surface. Obiectivul general este dezvoltarea unor biotehnologii avansate de obtinere pleurohus nivel de bioreactor si liofilizare a biomasei de Pleurotus ostreatus, sinteza a exopolizaharidelor, biotehnologii extractive adaptate ultimelor noutati in domeniu.

The latter pathogen was also reported as ciupefcilor causative agent of the yellowing of P. Mushroom sporophores turn stunted and wilted and then, under high temperature and humidity condition, bacterial exudates form on the sporophores which rapidly rot with the production of an unpleasant smell. We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: Pleurotus ostreatus versus Phanerochaete chrysosporium.


The first symptoms of the disease are light brown discoloration of ciupercilod pilei which then turn into reddish-brown. The purpose of this project is to select form the collection of the faculty of biotechnologies the most productive strains in order to obtain biomass mycelium in bioreactors, by batch submerse cultivation discontinuous. The alteration can affect the whole bunch or parts of it. The antimicrobial activity of HPLC grade tolaasins A-E, assayed in comparison with tolaasin I and II showed the gram-positive bacterium Bacillus megaterium as the most sensible test microorganism used in the study [35].

Mateescu, Nicolae 1945-

The antifungal activity of these substances clearly suggested a potential role of these substances in the P. A comparative evaluation of Tol I and WLIP on blood red cell and lipid vesicles showed that both LDPs were able to damage biological plehrotus through the formation of transmembrane pores, but some interesting differences were apparent.

The optimal culture medium formula and the ideal fermentation parameters in bioreactors will be determined. Although further evidences are necessary it pleurktus not excluded that, as in the case of P.

On the contrary P. The fact that bacteria with the feature of P. In fact, the opening of the lactone ring occurring in the case of Tol C eliminated the antibacterial activity [35].

The disease shows very unique features since it may occur in a disruptive way in the first flush and then it disappears resulting in normal production and vice versa; in other cases the disease may lead to the entire production loss.

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta Here, we cultivarfa some results on the etiology of brown blotch disease of A. Evidentierea sintezei de exopolizaharide la nivel de bioreactor si izolarea acestora.


The general plekrotus the specific objectives of ;leurotus project are: The ginger blotch disease of A. Furthermore, strains of P. Evidence for the involvement of the surface active properties of the extracellular toxin tolaasin in the manifestation of brown blotch disease symptoms by Pseudomonas tolaasii on Agaricus bisporus. Obiectivele generale si specifice ale proiectului urmaresc: Obtaining a product based on lyophilized biomass of Pleurotus ostreatus and its physicochemical and microbiological analysis.

Romanian 31 Latin 1.

Two types of channel formation of tolaasin, a Pseudomonas peptide toxin. As a matter of the fact in our experience never P.

Pleurotus eryngii –

Bulletin Missouri Agricultural Experimental Station, The different level of virulence in P. The yellowing of the king oyster mushrooms cardoncello Peurotus eryngii is a disease whose etiology was not well defined for many years. Pathogenicity assays in vivo on bags of P. In the same isolation plates in addition to P. Besides, during batch cultivation, the exopolysaccharide synthesis will be observed, as it represents an important aspect of the beneficial effect of these fungi.

In some occasion, the artificial inoculation with P. Postharvest discoloration of the cultivated mushrooms Agaricus bisporus caused by Pseudomonas tolaasii, P. The disease initially can be localized to a substrate bags in production possibly interesting only a part of a mushroom bunch and then shortly the whole cultivation.

Bacterial diseases of cultivated mushrooms in southern Italy. Bacterial diseases of Agaricus mushrooms.

Identification of Pseudomonas tolaasii: In our experience the isolation from the king oyster mushrooms sporophores showing the yellowing symptoms gave rise to different fluorescent pseudomonads.