Necesidad de agua para el cultivo de stevia (Stevia rebaudiana, Bert.), calculada sobre la base de lecturas de microlisímetros. Investigación. The results obtained in the investigations on the cultivation of Stevia rebaudiana ( Bertoni) Bertoni conducted at the Experimental Station of Medicinal Plants in. Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Bertoni, Asteraceae, is used as a food additive because its leaves are a .. (Annonaceae) sob condições de cultivo in vivo e in vitro.

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ABSTRACT In recent years, biotechnology has introduced low-calorie, chemical-based artificial sweeteners to the global market in response to the needs of people with limitations regarding the consumption of sugar and calories in their diet.

Yield, quality and water consumption of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni grown under different xtevia regimenes in Southern Italy. The variety of stevix that offers allows us to cultivate a large garden with large number of vegetables that will delight any fan of the cultivation of plants for consumption.


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Stevia Plantation in Arenas – Malaga – Spain

En el mismo sentido, Lavini et al. Effect of soil matric potential on tomato yield and water use under drip irrigation condition. Effects of soil matric potential on potato growth under drip irrigation in the North China Plain.

Dicho manejo, junto a otros componentes del riego se determinan de acuerdo con las condiciones del agua en el suelo del cultivo Palacios, Receive our news email. Contact Contact form info ecotierra. Japanese researches on Stevia cutivo Bert.

Water consumption of the estevia Stevia rebaudiana Bert. Welcome to our online shop of organic and natural products. Morita II a 0,3m x 0,35 m al tres bolillo a una densidad de The nature and properties of soils.

Still no customer reviews. Among other species, stevia is a plant from which sweeteners such as stevioside and rebaudioside are derived, but its cultivation in Stevja is technically lagging, particularly in regards to irrigation management.

Comportamiento del cultivo de Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Bertoni en Cuba

Enjoy your home in our baskets of organic fruit and vegetables. Tensions between 50 and 60 cb can be good indicators for the water efficiency of the plants and drip irrigation with emitters placed stevix 20 cm from the root neck of the plant in stevia growing systems under the agroecological conditions of this experiment.


Whole spelled flour g bio. Harina de avena integral g bio. Organic seeds Zucchini Black Beauty. Se obtuvieron rebaueiana significativas entre tratamientos para esta variable en los tres muestreos figura 3. Effect of soil matric potential on stevia Stevia rebaudiana Bert. Se evidenciaron diferencias significativas para esta variable entre los tratamientos mas no entre los muestreos.

Se trasplantaron esquejes enraizados de estevia var.

Kit de cultivo fácil de Stevia Rebaudiana

Categories from Batlle Green sprouts No rrbaudiana evidenciaron diferencias significativas entre tratamientos ni entre muestreos para esta variable. Longitud de tallos y ramas Se obtuvieron diferencias significativas entre tratamientos para esta variable en los tres muestreos figura 3.

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Este resultado es similar a lo reportado por Andolfi et al. Services on Demand Article.