The cut up method of Brion Gysin [William S Burroughs] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Cut-Up Method of Brion Gysin. Critical Writing. Author: William S. Burroughs. Publication Type: Article in an online journal ยท Article or chapter in a book. As an experimental technique, the cut-up method as applied by Cut to: English artist Brion Gysin in his room at the notorious Beat Hotel in.

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Right here write now. Use of scissors renders the process explicit and subject to extension and variation.

Images shift sense under the scissors smell images to sound sight to sound sound to kinesthetic. A collage of words read heard overheard. It did not occur to them to push the two objects off the table and see how they fall. Throughout the s Burroughs and Gysin collaborated on cutup experiments in many media, the most significant collaborations being three films done in with English film maker Antony Balch Towers Open Fire, Cut-Ups, and Bill and Tony and The Third Mind, a book first completed in but not published in English until Cut the word lines and you will hear their voices.

His theory of yysin cutup also parallels avant-garde literary theory, such as structuralism and deconstruction.

What is the Cut-Up Method? – BBC News

Here is one way to do it. The best writings seems to be done almost by accident but writers until the cut-up method was made explicit-all writing is in fact cut-ups; I will return to this point-had no way to produce the accident of spontaneity. You have four sections: Clear classical prose can be composed entirely of rearranged cut-ups. As many poems as you like.


Use of scissors renders the process explicit and subject to extension and variation. Now take the poem and type out selected passages. Only your dance and your voice house. And used by the moving and still camera. Burroughs with his cut-ups. Poetry is for everyone. Thus Burroughs’s cutup texts are comparable to similar contemporary experiments in other arts, such as action painting, happenings, and aleatory music.

Cut Rimbaud’s words and you are assured of good poetry at least if not personal appearance. Fill a page with excerpts.

All writing is in fact cut-ups. From the early s, David Bowie used cut-ups to create some of his lyrics.

William S. Burroughs Cut-up Technique

Cut-ups often come through as code messages with special meaning for the cutter. Inpoets Brionn W. The cut-ups could add new dimension to films. He began deliberately cutting newspaper articles into sections, which he randomly rearranged.

William S. Burroughs Cut-up Technique

Right here write now. In using the fold in method I edit delete and rearrange as in any other method of composition-I have frequently had the experience of writing some pages of straight narrative text which were then folded in with other pages and found briln the fold ins were clearer and more comprehensible than the original texts-Perfectly clear narrative prose can be produced using the fold in method-Best results are usually obtained by placing pages dealing with similar subjects in juxtaposition.


Burroughs’s trilogy is based on the cutup and the theory of language and art that the cutup produced. Burroughs discovered the cutup in in Paris through his friend Brion Gysin, a painter.

Cut- ups often come through as code messages with special meaning for the cutter. In fact all street shots from movie or still cameras are by the unpredictable factors of passers by and juxtaposition cut-ups.

Eliot, Kafka, Shakespeare, Conrad, Graham Greene, and Coleridge are the most prominent in the trilogy, and their juxtaposition with banal popular materials is another example of Burroughs’s pop-art technique, which integrates high and low culture.

As many Shakespeare Rimbaud poems as you like.

Cut and rearrange the word and image in films. Jeff Nuttall’s publication My Own Mag was another important hrion for the then-radical technique. The cutup is a way of exposing word and image controls and thus freeing oneself from them, an alteration of consciousness that occurs in both the writer and the reader of the text. The cut-up method brings to writers the collage, which has been used by painters for fifty years.