Czasowniki frazowe z przykładami użycia z książki Longman Repetytorium Maturalne poziom podstawowy. Matura Wydawnictwo Pearson. Język angielski – test: Wstaw w lukę odpowiedni czasownik frazowy. Język angielski – test: Wstaw w lukę odpowiedni przyimek bądź partykułę tak, by uzyskać pasujący do kontekstu czasownik frazowy.

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Show around – Take someone to a place to show them certain parts Show in – Take someone into an office or other room Show off – Behave in czasownii way so as to attract attention – Display something you are proud of – Czxsowniki the qualities of another thing more apparent Fdazowe out – Take someone to out of a room or building Show over – Take someone around a site Show round – Take someone to a place to show them certain parts Show through – When a feeling can be seen despite attempts to conceal it Show up – Attend something or arrive somewhere – Become clear or apparent – Make someone feel embarrassed or ashamed Shut away – Imprison or remove someone’s freedom Shut down – Close a business, shop, etc.

Reporters banged away at the president during the press conference.

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They will answer for their deeds. She is onto getting a job as an English teacher. She failed the test and has been down for a week. Clear up – Cure or recover from an infection – Tidy up Click through – Open an advertisement on the Internet Climb down – Accept that you are wrong and change your position Clog up – Block, slow movement right down Close down – Close a shop, branch or business permanently Cloud over – Get very cloudy Clown about – Behave stupidly or waste time Clown around – Behave stupidly or waste time Cock up – Ruin or spoil something Colour Color up – Blush Come about – Happen, occur Come across – Find by accident – Agree to have sex with someone – The way other people see you Come apart – Break into pieces Come before – Appear in court charged with a crime or offence Come by – Visit – Acquire Come down – Rain – Travel Come down on – Criticise heavily Come down with – Fall ill Come forth – Appear Come forth with – Provide information Come from – Country or town where you were born Come in – Arrive for flights – Place or ranking in a competition, etc.


Język angielski – czasowniki frazowe |

They bashed up the speaker for the remarks he made. When the policeman indicated that I should pull overI knew he was going to give me a ticket. Wanna come with us? Kto jest z Polski? Tommy blew out the candles when everyone was singing “Happy Birthday”. Could you bear with me for a moment? Blow out – Extinguish candles, matches: I asked around if anyone knew where czasowniii train station was. He is angling for your heart. I hate to put you outbut I need a ride to czsaowniki train station and hope you can take me.

Barge in into -Enter a place and interrupt: He was just putting us on. If I don’t do it soon, it’ll be impossible to finish it in time.

I’ll be happy to put you up. The kids belted up in their seats and waited for me to start the car.

Czasowniki frazowe na literę P

He blasted me for coming late for work. What makes your child act up? When the plane took off it was too late to back off.


It picked him up enough to finish his work. Program allows for treatment of parents. I can’t put this work off any longer.

She asked me in for coffee. Hurricane Katrina bore down on Louisiana on Sunday. Blow over – When a scandal gets forgotten; Our argument blow over rather fast. I’m fed up with these phrasal verbs. They frazowee well off. The police block off this section of the road.

He bashed out his essey and got a lousy mark. When Ella heard that she’d won a million dollars, she was so shocked that she passed out.

He backed down as soon as he relized he was wrong. After returning home, they pitched into food – they hadn’t had a decent meal for 2 weeks. Could you pick some more up on your way home this evening? She acted on his advice. They are bubbling over with excitement. Pobierz w formacie PDF. They blanked out the passage so that nobody could read it.

She blurted out all our secrets. When she blacked out for a second, she swang the car and almost hit the tree.