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Book Review – Dark Light by S.L. Jennings

I have no idea what the hell I just read. He stepped in when she felt alone and broken. When Gabriella descends will she choose the Dark or will she choose the Light. Xanax Also Juewelz recommends 4.

I had some issues with the book S.l.jehnings I have an eternity of tomorrows It’s hot and sexy and bold and sometimes heart wrenching. This was really good read. Gabs has until her 21st birthday to make the most important decision of her life. She was able to admit that she wanted to remain in denial about a lot of what she felt was going on around her.

Stavros and Aurora, yep those mother truckers are back and still pieces of shit. Guess which one is doing that.

I just don’t know if I am ready for more Gabriella Whatever weird voodoo magic Dorian has, keep me the hell away from it. It makes for a perfect combination for a great story.


If having Dorian means going to the Dark side well consider me the first in line to join because that man is H-O-T and he can RUIN me whenever and wherever he sees fit. Shortly after her birthday, Gabriella meets and quickly becomes enamored with Dorian Skotos. I didn’t fully understand the point of all the site name dropping, especially when the characters were jumping around from point to point, even when locations weren’t close together at all.

I hoped it would help when she found out who Dorian really is she wouldn’t freak out and runaway. A couple of the sex scenes. Now, if this whole book was about me, I’d tell you exactly what side I’d choose this has NO reflection on Gabs decision, just my own desire.

When I say this book is like an earthquake or the forth of July, I whole heartily mean that.

Book Review – Dark Light by S.L. Jennings – Maryse’s Book Blog

I literally couldn’t put it down: I am so attached to these characters. Dorian and Gabriella must be together… they must have their happily ever after right???!!! I love them all. I could never be that blind, that stupid. And it fuckin ends with a cliffy All of these notions are leaving you heaving and panting and gasping for air, praying for them the make the right decision, your heart breaks for them both, you are angry and pissed and frustrated and you want to break it, break them to see beyond the fucking magic Gabs grows and learns and comes into her own in heartbreaking fashion – she keeps putting herself out there and is seemingly betrayed, hurt, humiliated and has her heart broken at every turn as the powerful forces surrounding them do everything possible to pull Gabs and Dorian apart.


There is only one word for Aurora: I read to the end and I was not a happy reader!! I quell the foreign thought and clear my throat in an over-exaggerated manner.

The Dark Prince (Dark Light, #2) by S.L. Jennings

Like everyone else, he had some ups and downs but I couldn’t have imagined this book without him. When the hell is this book being released????

Mar 04, Jamie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I made sure to inform Syreeta… I know I know I should call her mrs jennings BUT i freakin love her first name I cant help it just how much she was killi Ok first off I wanna say I havent been this excited about a paranormal series since the twilight series!! She pulls you in from the very beginning and leaves you wanting more and more with every page you turn. Holy Shit was it HOT up in here!!! He was flat, one dimensional, kind of a creeper guy.