User Manual. Mic Preamp/Processor. Professional Audio Equipment. ® . Congratulations on choosing the dbx s Mic Preamp/Processor. The s is a . The dbx® s is a full featured Channel Strip Processor that delivers a studio quality Owner’s Manual-English [ MB]; Owner’s Manual-French [ KB]. English Owner’s Manual Downloads (Project 1) Owner’s Manual-English · (Project 1) Owner’s Manual-English · A (Project 1) Owner’s Manual-English.

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You really need to experiment with these settings to get the best results. HighPass – Try pressing this button in.

Dbx 286A Owner’s Operation Manual Page 31

Notice anything wrong here! Bypass – This button should be in the out position.

Comment by Qquincy on November 30, at 7: Add a comment You need to be a member of Voiceover Universe to add comments! This will properly set the Mic Input Gain without the added Gain effect of the the Compressor processing.

DBX A Quickstart Guide – Voiceover Universe

xbx Sign in to chat! I hope this helps. And the output gain to 0 dB. I just bought one and will be hooking it up over Christmas Sign Up or Sign In. If you want to set the gate, start by setting the ratio to Compressor Start with the density set to about 6 Drive – Turn up until you reach the desired amount of gain reduction.


To set up the Gain Chain, I proceed as follows: You may not be able to fully remove the noise, but you should be able dbz lower it. Density – Adjust until the release of the gain reduction suits your taste. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. If the sound is too thin set it back out.

Al, Just checking this out and would very much like to see your settings: Now you should have your Gain Chain balanced.

Threshold – While talking or singing in the mic, bring up the threshold until the signal will no longer open the gate. HF Detail – Turn up dvx the high end sounds clear, but not harsh. Ratio – Adjust this setting until the background noise once again becomes audible, then turn it back up slightly until the noise drops in level.

Hello, you need to enable Manuao to use Voiceover Universe. If no De-Essing is required, turn it off. Now back it off until the gate will open when the signal is present.


Check the gate with the signal. Enhancer LF Detail – Slowly turn up until the lows sound good, but not overbearing.

Please update your browser to use Reverb

Five of these Dial adjustments are non-linear the scale is neither linear or logarithmic. The five linear Dial adjustments include: The DBX A has 10 dial adjustments. Output Gain – Adjust this until you have the desired amount of level feeding the next device.