Hell on Earth Figures: Horrors of the Wasted West – This pack includes all the deadly It is what you would expect, stand-ups for Deadlands: Wasted West. Deadlands: Hell on Earth: The Wasted West (PEG) [Shane Lacy Hensley, Ron Spencer, Charles Ryan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Deadlands, Weird West, Wasted West, Hell on Earth, the Deadlands: Hell on Earth logo, the Hell on Earth sublogo, the Pinnacle Starburst, and the Pinnacle logo.

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This assumes a character with Strength 1d6 die type or better has a good grip on the lance and is on a fast-moving platform such as a vehicle or a horse.

Aficionados wasetd the stuff claim its an acquired taste. Bad eyes —3 Cautious —3: Ooh, that had to be exciting. President gutted by sykers in Oval Office. Each action the weapon charges beyond the first increases the damage by a die.

If a charge higher than 5d20 is attempted, roll 1d6 when the gun is fired.

Double-Tap Bullets are expensive, but sometimes a good gunslinger with an automatic pistol needs to throw a few more ounces of lead at some horror. And on top of that, she looks really silly when it happens. These are large radios used by military vehicles. In addition to their outright destructive capability, these bolts also wreak havoc on electronic circuitry, causing power surges and overloads.


The missile strike just kindled their fire. The first trigger has two positions. Now the Combine recruits flesh-and-blood goons to supplement its growing automated army. A failed roll means the bike slews out of control. If this reduces any of the traits below a d4, she passes out for the duration of the trait reduction. SA M— This single-shot grenade launcher can be attached to the barrel of the SA assault rifle, or it can be equipped with a clip-on stock and used independently.

Although Deadlands has officially ended as its own product line, Pinnacle Entertainment Group has re-released all of the “Classic” Deadlands line in print and in an electronic version. He got drafted and died somewhere in Kansas. He must make an immediate Hard 9 Vigor check.

That way you can kill the damn thing instead of denying that it just bit your head off. Think of them as neutron bombs, only with a couple thousand screaming demons inside. Stone is the only one of these traitors left. Hell on Earth cover. But if there are no monsters, you will taste my steel for your lies. Any raises after the first can be applied to the hit location of the shots deadllands usual. They can be hooked to any size battery and burn one charge per hour of use.

The Silent War The Last War started with a whimper, and no one guessed it would end with such a bang. If the attack succeeds, roll a deadlaands of Strength. The Red River Campaign.

The Wasted West (Deadlands: Hell on Earth RPG)

Librarian There is a catch. It can be loaded with nearly anything that can cause damage to the human body: Once the primary trigger has been pulled to its first position which takes an action and can be done simultaneously with drawing dest beadthe secondary trigger becomes active.


Each ounce of ghost rock processed burns 5 charges off the battery. Shiva hit an Indian Air Force base at the border, giving the Pakistanis air superiority. The factory techs take an undead brain and wire it into the go-box of some massive vehicle or gun.

The first real incident of the coming war occurred on Faraway. Nunchuks are not dasted the easiest things to control, even for expert users.

So listen up, and pay attention. They linked together, turning the Earth into one great, big pit of fear.

The Wasted West (Deadlands: Hell on Earth RPG) – PDF Free Download

A Confederate ship relatively nearby, the Dellinger, received the SOS and communicated with the Esmerelda for a time, but then left without providing assistance. Its power cost is negligible. Only reason I got ripped up by a trog was because the first 50 dulled my blade.