Hello! I am going to drop a bunch of lists from different armies on here, so hopefully you’ll find one you like looking at:) This is for my Death K. The Death Korps of Krieg Imperial Guard Army List uses the datasheets from the Death. Hi All This was to have been a shopping list but a job lot came up on ebay so this is for real. Any thoughts would be welcome. Brigade HQ.

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Like Fire on my positionthis can be useful against MSU, but less so if they hid themselves inside transports. It’s gone way down in price 8 pointsso the choice is a choice now, but it’s still one of the weaker options.

As liwt diminish each individual squad, your orders affect less and less models but this Stratagem fixes that problem just as the Munitorum pastes understrength Regiments together. Kriegers are practically fearless thanks to Cult of Sacrifice which makes them immune to morale tests caused by shooting. A little something to remember: This means your beautiful and expensive!

Some units may be better served having versatility though. However, it is expensive: Only advantage over the boltgun is that it can be fired in close combat.

Your named Character for the Death Korps, he comes with a hot-shot feath, powersword, and Momento Mori.

Each void shield will automatically stop one point of damage and then go down. While expensive, it’s cheaper than it was in the Index, and as a result, almost everything that kriieg take this will see the best results from it. Views Read Edit View history.


Please Login or Register. If you’re playing for fun, or iorps the model and look more, it’s entirely up to you. These guys are perhaps one of our best units; they are extremely cheap and customizable for almost any purpose.

The flat bonus to saves can make certain units stupidly durable; suggestions include Bullgryns, Korpsmen, Crusaders, and anything in the Baneblade family – it affects Invulnerable saves, too! That being said, he’s an absolute tank in melee, regularly makes Marines crap themselves in terror, and sticks around a lot longer than other Commissars do.

Death Korps Grenadier Storm Squad: As above, this is a particular gun for particular targets. Company Commanders with Draconian Disciplinarianand Kell, both allow optional Ld re-rolling without shooting up a guy, which is superior to Summary Execution, although they don’t boost Ld by themselves.

It is in all respects simply a marker. Your Regiment will block his Canticles, but he doesn’t get those anyway when fielded as an Elites choice.

[FW] Death Korps Of Krieg : DKoK v8 par Jahmaniac

OR, if you don’t want to spend the points on a Valkyrie, chuck these mean machines in a centaur. Competitive play isn’t about being a jerk to your opponent, or being unsportsmanlike, even though some people view it as such both competitive players and players on the receiving end of competitive play styles.


Unless you are from Australia, in which case it’s cheaper than normal plastic IG models. It is statistically worse than a Battle Cannon at -everything. Officio Prefectus [ edit ] Commissar: Essentially a named Lord Commissar with a power fist klaw that costs more than doublebut has a bunch of extra stuff on him.

With T7 and 14 wounds it’s pretty tough and will probably stay on the table a while. Forwards, for the Emperor!

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Imperial Titans are protected by void shield generators. Reivers also have -1Ld and may deepstrike, and Black Templar reroll charges pts for a Patrol with Jump Pack Lieutenand and Scoutsnot to mention SM in general have powerful melee infantry to begin with plus the Standard of the Emperor Ascendant for another -1Ld. It actually costs less, thanks to Chapter Approved 20 points to the battle cannon’s Since spent CP can be recovered once again after spending, if you spend your entire pool, recover as much as possible, spend it koros, etc, the net impact is multiplying your pool by 1.

They may not be transported.