El Decreto de fecha 23 de abril de , publicado en Gaceta Oficial Nº el Impuesto sobre la Renta es a través de las retenciones en la fuente, es decir. Decreto Persona Natural Residente. Ejemplo: A una persona natural residente le pagan Bs. por concepto de Honorarios. RETENCIONES BASE LEGAL ley del impuesto sobre la renta Art. 87 sistema de retenciones. AGENTE DE RETENCION VENEZUELA Autores;.

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Post job offers and keep track of each application received. It uses the profiles criteria from the earlier segmentation module and improve it.

Adds menu to show relevant information to each manager. OpenERP supports multiple currencies, multiple users with different access rights, multiple companies with real time consolidation and unlimited analytic plans.

The default partner bank accounts are selected in invoices and payments.

An evaluation plan can be assigned to each employee. Get the flexibility to create multi-level bill of materials, optional routing,version changes and phantom bill of materials.

decreto 1808 islr pdf to excel

You can set the cash or percentage comparison between two years. You can use journal for decreo purposes, some examples: Want to add a banner for a specific product?

You can compare the balance sheet for different years. Get rid of the stress of having to constantly remind your debtors. This module calculates the schedule time for the shipment considering the validation date of the sale order. Manages several types of evaluations: Marketing Campaign Management Module This module allows to: Use the kanban view and customize the steps of your recruitments process; pre-qualification, first interview, second interview, negociaiton, A project is an analytic account and the time spent on a project generates costs onthe analytic account.


No more complex backend; just click anywhere to change any content. By clicking on the message or the read more link you will redirect to that document insantly.

If you install this module, you will not have to run the regular procurementscheduler anymore but you still need to run the minimum order point rulescheduler, or for example let it run daily. Looking that that view definition, the same thing is easily achieved in other picking list, like out going products for instance. OpenERP prepares all operations for you, according to your own logistic rules: To this end, a new check box named “Visible Discount” is added to the pricelist form.

The table used by default in OpenERP doesn’t answer to this need, because it’s used in other and we need to specify if this code can be used in some cases or others This table is by evidence very specific to the Chamber of Commerce dedicated modules. A synchronization with an internal agenda Meetings of the CRM module is also possible in order to automatically create a meeting when a holiday request decreot accepted by setting up a type dexreto meeting in Leave Type.

It adds sales name and sales Reference on production order. Para que la asignacion del diario funcione bien en funcion a la tienda de la sale. Publish event photos,speakers, agenda, etc.

This module doesn’t pretend be the total localization for Venezuela,but it will help you to start really quickly with OpenERP in this country. Different reports are set up for forecast and sales analysis.


If on top of that a projet is specified on the product form in the Procurementtabthen the new task will be created in that specific project. This module adds a pre-configured Drop Shipping picking typeas well as a procurement route that allow configuring DropShipping products and orders. This module allows use the same Assets for manufacturing and maintenance purposes.

Some information are restricted to HR managers, others are public to easily look colleagues. Use the segmentation, the social network integration and mass mailing features to promote your events to the right audience. New field Residence Address added.

Like records and processing of claims, Helpdesk and Support are good toolsto trace your interventions. Get an awesome catalog of products and great product descriptionpages. Every job position has a new email address automatically assigned to route applications automatically to the right job position.

Asesoramiento Tributario Tema 3 Retenciones by Miguel .. on Prezi

Also vice versa, if asset have depreciation thenit must be maintenable. Import database of prospects or filter onexisting leads, opportunities and customers in just a few clicks. OpenERP proposes and propagates translations automatically across pages, following what you edit on the master page.

This procurement will start atask, either a purchase order form for the supplier, or a production orderdepending on the product’s configuration. This module allows you to manage the planning of procurements based on sales forecasts, confirmed orders customers and suppliersstock movements, etc.