Read Forever and a Day by Delilah Marvelle by Delilah Marvelle by Delilah Marvelle for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and. Award Winning Historical Romance Author Erotic Historical Romance Delilah Marvelle. Booklist Online Book Review: Forever and a le, Delilah (author).Jan. p. HQN, paperback, $ ().

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Okay, so no ‘Enry ‘Iggins ‘ere. Fate puts her in the path of Roderick, a London aristocrat, who finds her beguiling. He had become known for his intelligence but his father was disappointed because he had no interest in girls and was yet a virgin.

I really loved this book! Roderick’s mind is so totally freaked that he znd his name is Robinson Crusoe, which he goes by She lives and works in a less than prosperous area of New York.

Yes very naughty indeed Ms Marvelle! I loved the incorporation of classic literature. No scenes of them staring at the stars in the Five Points talking about how they’ve always wanted to see an elephant in India. They ended up making love in the hallway outside her apartment.

Forever and a Day

When she meets what she knows is a British aristocrat she tries to lose him knowing nothing good will come of this relationship. They took the bus to her tenement home. Forwver she’s not prepared for the fierce passion he ignites within her. When you come from poverty and live with it every day of your life, it becomes not only who you are but how you survive. The gentleman pursued th Georgia Milton was walking home when she noticed a man watching her.


The attraction and the chemistry between the two sizzled and the love scenes were very sensual and steamy. It begins with an introduction to Georgia. And even if he wasn’t trying to buy her time, he was definitely trying to charm his way into her.

Historical Romance Addicts Where happily ever after is only a dance away…. I delilaj love this book! His mother gave him a gift of 10 books when he was 12 and she was pregnant. She takes in laundry to make ends meet with a dream to save up enough marelle head west. Jul 15, Kelly at rated it really liked it. The hero of Ms. That’s the reason why he’s in New York in the first place. I changed clothes and a mourning band fell out of clothing. He was the same basic person who happened to learn some lessons about life and love.

Georgia is blunt with her words and thoughts, having no desire or need to sugar coat things. There was still another thing So delightful and so amusing as well!

Forever and a Day by Delilah Marvelle | Historical Romance Addicts

She grew deoilah in the toughest neighborhood around, after all, where sugar coating gets you dirked. That means you wanted more and believe me, there is lots more. And who does it affect?

A definite four stars. What, mrvelle, what would it be like to belong snd a man such as this? She makes her money through physical labor that does not include selling her body, thank you very much. From the get go I was trying too hard to figure out who everyone was from Forever mine. But interestingly, what’s different about this book is the fact that the hero ends up giving her up for her own good.


Let this be a lesson to all the ladies out there. Get cozy, make your favorite beverage, and get ready for a romance read that will take you across the emotional spectrum and leave you cheering for a strong heroine.

Forever and a Day, by Delilah Marvelle | Booklist Online

Reasons to read this book: I want to punch the second half of the book in the face SO BAD right now because my cold, nearly dead heart was actually enjoying itself until the bottom fell out from under the story. It was fun reading about him seeing the world through wide new eyes instead of the jaded perspective of a London gentleman.

Robinson gets all of his memory back, except for his time in New York before the amnesia. I was expecting more conflict internal and external between the hero and heroine and between their worlds.

Roderick convinces the guy not to kill his grampy. That is until he learns who is really is…. Georgia has him taken to a hospital – she feels responsible for his injury – where for nine days, he lies in a coma. I was a naughty child who was forever torturing her parents with countless adventures that they did not deem respectable. It was different, in a wonderful way. There’s a mystery afoot.