Delizie contente, che l’alma beate (Ye Blisses, That Ravish) – Kindle edition by Francesco Cavalli. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. Delizie contente, che l’alma beate. Language: Italian. Pages: 1. Price: $ Delizie contente, che l’alma beate. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist ยท View sample in. Discover Francesco Cavalli’s track Delizie Contente. Complete your Francesco Cavalli record collection. Shop new and used Vinyl and CDs.

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Sole the sun, i. Jason will set out leading his Argonauts on a quest to find the Golden Fleece – or so it is expected. Isifile then meets Besso and also asks him if he has carried out his orders. When Besso’s soldiers arrive Giasone orders him to arrest Egeo.

Giasone makes up a story that she is a hussy and that he does not love her, contebte Medea remains skeptical.

Egeo begins with the aria “Perch’io torni a penar” in which he complains about his miserable situation as a slave of unrequited love for Medea. Giasone and Medea leave Delfa alone, who wishes the couple well, but questions the virtue of having illegitimate children.

Giasone is filled with joy upon learning this. Giasone enters and sings the aria “Delizie, contenti” of his contentment in seeking sexual pleasure.

Medea confirms that Besso had arrested her and thrown her into the sea; and Isifile confirms that he told her that he “only kills one queen per day.


For example, a character such as Ercole who has as sense of responsibility and obligation to duty would be cast as a vontente role. Giasone’ s mythological characters and plots are typical of early Venetian opera. Egeo plans to take revenge on Giasone for trying to kill Medea.

King Aegus of Athens and together they discuss their marriage, which Medea would like to terminate. She contenfe that Giasone is approaching and tells Medea that this is her chance to talk to him.

“Delizie contente” – singerstickynotessingerstickynotes

In the countryside with huts near the mouth of the Ibero, Isifile is in a trance and singing the lament aria “Lassa, che far degg’io?

She does so, contejte then hurries on to the Valley of Orseno.

Demo arrives to observe and notes that Giasone is returning to the ships. Alone, Egeo laments over his lost love with the recitative “Si parte, mi deride? Such scenes are characterized by a character’s drastic emotional changes. Herculeswho complains that Giasone has not awoken yet, even though the sun is shining. At the keep of the fortress with the golden fleece, Medea, Jason and Delfa arrive.

Giasone promises to return the honor he has taken from Isifile. Alone, Giasone contemplates his situation i. Isifile sings the aria “Speranze fuggite” interspersed with recitative considering her situation. She sings the comic aria “E follia” suggesting that lovers are never loyal to each other. Mad characters are “freed from the decorum of normal behavior.


Orestes reports that Giasone no longer loves her, but has another lover in Colchis. Delfa arrives and asks Medea why she is so jealous and angered. Captain Besso enters and tries to convince Ercole that all men have their vices and so he should not be too concerned. Besso and Alinda then flirt with each other. Moreover, the storm is forcing the Argonauts to land at Lemnos.

Jason and the Argonauts. Orestes sings contenhe love aria “Vaghi labbri scoloriti” and decides to kiss her. When Besso tells Alinda that he is a soldier, she does not believe him because he has no wounds or scars.

Delizie Contente che L’alme Beate: for Wind Quintet and Electronic Tape | Capital Music Gear

Two sleep scenes are also included. Orestes asks Content to return and feed her hungry twins. Giasone humors Isifile’s pleas for him to return.

It is night in the countryside, and Egeo dressed as a sailor is with Demo dressed as a peasant with a lantern. A Chorus of Winds responds to their commands.

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Giasone believes Besso means Isifile. She approaches Giasone, but he reassures Medea that he is not interested in her. Isifile also has two laments: When Isifile appears, only Medea believes that she is mad.