: Dell UltraSharp WFP inch Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor with Height Adjustable Stand: Computers & Accessories. We will see how the Dell WFP rates in actual testing in a moment, We have previously covered Dell’s warranty and support options, and. Can’t afford a 30in but think a 24in display is a bit last year? Dell has the answer.

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If you want to remove the base stand, you’ll have to remove the four T10 Torx screws, at which point you can access the standard Xell wall mount. Dell customer support have confirmed the support of HD content as follows: Click to enlarge Here you can see the left side of the panel with the flash memory readers and the fell two Dekl ports. Colour reproduction is no doubt very impressive. Another similar LCD that should be out in the relatively near future is the Viewsonic VXwm, which boasts a 28″ screen size.

Contact us for any defect so we can solve the problem. As such, the screen offers a large pixel pitch of 0. Lack of p support may also be off-putting to some users hoping to use component connections. Opinions on aesthetics will vary by individual, but we certainly like the new styling of this LCD.

The remaining options are nearly identical to the 24″ WFP. I came in first about four out of ten games about par for me.

Dell WFP LCD Monitor | eBay

The S-PVA panel technology used offers wide viewing angles only a little behind those of S-IPS based panels and so viewing the screen with several people is not a problem. Gone are the black bezels and silver base stand. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The component connections are attractive for those wanting to hook up games consoles to their screen e.


Fortunately for everyone, the Dell WFP features options for “aspect”, “1: The additional inputs to the DVI along with rock solid gaming performance make this monitor awesome.

This offers a gamut range which exceeds the sRGB space and can help improve colour range and depth. 207wfp of the specifications are similar to what we expect to ddell in any of the best large LCDs. Reviews and Further Reading. One feature that does get cut – most 2707wf; due to the larger panel size – is the rotate functionality that many 24″ LCDs have.

The 27″ diagonal offers a larger screen size to the 24″ models same resolution and so while office users might not appreciate the extra size and increased pixel pitch, movie users should benefit from the extra screen size. The lower image shows the input ports, as well as two of the extra USB ports. I am able to use this monitor for over eight hours a day, six days a week.

This is definitely Dell’s most impressive flat-panel monitor to date. Dell have not employed any further technologies though to aid in reducing perceived motion blur.

Looks great and plays great. You will be amazed at the quality of the picture, when compared to a CRT screen. That’s an oversight of the configurator that could use correcting, although for Dell PCs this is not an issue. For it’s size category, this monitor is the best in its class. It confused me at first, but I guess it doesn’t make sense to enable that menu if you are already running the monitor at x See details for description of any imperfections.


In theory, higher values in many of these areas indicate a better LCD panel, but marketing definitely influences the importance of many of the scores.

Dell 2707WFP LCD Monitor

You may also like. I use it at my law office.

A robust stand with tilt and swivel features allows you to position this Dell 27 inch monitor as per your requirement. The main reason I went with the over the WFP, was the inclusion of a scaler for High Definition that is absent in the Dual link interface dwll Some potential buyers are put off by this, thinking image sharpness may be lost and pixels may appear too big. See all 2 pre-owned listings. Show Fell Show Less.

Dell 2707WFP: Looking for the Middle Ground of Large LCDs

Other games looked delll darned good as well. Clearly the WFP offers a large screen size making it 2707sfp for movie viewing. The additional inputs are a huge plus as well for me 2707qfp as I have rigged a HD sat box connection to mine through the component inputs R-G-B.

Skip to main content. The Dell that I purchased has great color ability and has truely made an enormous difference in how I view doing work on my computer. On the surface, then, we basically have the Dell WFP with a slightly larger panel and a new backlight that improves the color gamut.

Others are more comfortable with smaller text and a ‘tighter’ pixel pitch, but this is very much down to personal taste.