Back to Contents Page Base Dell™ Precision™ M Service Manual CAUTION: Before performing the following procedures, follow the safety instructions in. Dell™ Precision™ M Service Manual CAUTION: Before performing the following procedures, follow the safety instructions in the Product Information. Dell Precision M PCs Laptop download pdf instruction manual and user guide.

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If the device security screw is not present, you can remove and install devices while the computer is running and connected to a docking device docked. Remove the coin-cell battery connector from the connector on the system board. Turn the computer top-side up and open the display. To exit the Dell Diagnostics and restart the computer, close the Main Menu screen.

Remove the palm rest see Manuwl Rest. You can use the media to reinstall drivers see “Reinstalling Drivers and Utilities” on page 96to run the Dell Diagnostics see “Dell Diagnostics” on page 69or to access your documentation.

Slide the module firmly into the slot at a degree angle, and rotate the module down until it clicks into place. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Align the pin-1 corner of the processor module so that it points to the triangle on the ZIF socket, and insert the processor module into the ZIF socket. Dell does not guarantee compatibility or provide support for hard drives from sources other than Dell.


Low-battery Warning You can check battery health in one of two ways: Make regular backups of your data files. Using Windows Device Driver Rollback If a problem occurs on your usr after you install or update a driver, use Windows Device Driver Rollback to replace the driver with the previously installed version.

Dell Precision M4300 Parts

Reproduction in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Inc. WLAN card Lift the card out of its connector.

Operating Storage Maximum vibration using a random-vibration spectrum that simulates user environment: Securing Your Computer Your computer does not ship with a security cable lock. Starting from the sides of the display panel, use your kanual to separate the bezel from the top cover and lift the bezel away from the top cover.

To replace the hinge cover, insert the left edge of the cover into the hinge cover slot, and press from left to right until the cover snaps into place. Storing A Battery 1 If the computer is connected to a docking device dockedundock it. Only a certified service technician should perform repairs on your computer. Remember to fill out the Diagnostics Checklist see “Diagnostics Checklist” on page Keep the tray closed when you are not using the drive.

Remove the eleven M2. A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better deell of your computer. Windows Vista When all of the settings and files have been applied, the Finished screen appears. If you leave the area, ground yourself again when you return to the computer. The connectors are keyed to ensure correct insertion.


Ensure that the work surface is flat and clean to prevent the computer cover from being scratched. Sales dial within U. To confirm the amount of memory installed in the computer: Turn on the computer.

Full text of “Dell: Precision M Service Manual”

Unless otherwise noted, each procedure assumes that the following conditions exist: Replacing the Battery Storing a Battery Keyboard hinge cover 4 Ease the hinge cover up, moving from right to left, and depl it. Page 9 Back to Contents Page Information in this document is subject to change without notice. This support provides real-time health scans of your computing environment, software updates, and relevant self-support information. Replace the two M3 x 3-mm hard drive screws.

Certain changes might make your computer k4300 incorrectly. If the PCI Express chip set and the device are capable of different speeds, they will operate at the slower speed.

Insert memory modules at a degree angle to avoid damaging the connector. The Order Confirmation for Your Computer The order confirmation that you received when you ordered your computer lists the hardware and software that shipped with your computer. The WLAN card may have two or three antenna connectors, depending on the type of card you ordered.