Shop at The Scholastic Store for the best books for children, educational resources for kids, crafts for kids, teachings resources and more. All purchases earn. The Forests of Silence has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: The Forests Of Silence (Deltora Quest, #1), Emily RoddaThe Forests of Silence was. All that stands against him is the magic Belt of Deltora with its seven s. map to guide them, two unlikely companions set out on a dangerous quest. land of the Shadow Lord, they struggle toward their first goal–the sinister Forests of Silence.

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Nonetheless, it shows up too briefly and doesn’t pose enough of a threat to be truly memorable or interesting — certainly not as much as future obstacles like the paranoid dystopia of Noradz or the Giger-esque Sand Beasts. Before being eaten, a forest -dwelling girl of Lief’s own age, called Jasmine appears.

The Lake of Tears. When I was a teenager I got into the habit of reading the books he was reading so we could talk about them. The rest of the story takes place sixteen years later, when the child of the blacksmith is nearly fully-grown.

The Forests of Silence

This first book in the qudst series apparently the Deltora line resembles the “Beast Quest” line, in that they are both long series of books broken up into shorter “mini-series” of five or six volumes each has an unusually complicated plot for a children’s bookand protagonists that exhibit a more complicated emotional range quuest most children’s books they’re angry, confused, and, at times, both resentful and distrustful of each other.

Jarred begins to suspect Prandine of treachery and searched for evidence that the Rule was corrupt.

At the deotora of the innermost woods of the Forests of Silence, they meet the revenant of a knight who, long before the tribes were united to fight the Shadow Lord, came to covet the Lilies of Light. He found a man waiting for him, who fell to his knees at Jarred’s feet, begging for his help.

For instance, the climax of the action takes place with a Gollum-like revenant knight who is obsessed with living forever. Our heroes face two thee threats, both of which are compelling enough but don’t show Rodda’s full potential. I enjoyed the short history listen on the land of Deltora which 3. The series has done so well that it has evolved from a standalone 8 book series to something much larger. My brother absolutely loved the Deltora Quest series as a little boy, and practically begged me to read them.


The book ends on a massive cliffhanger that leaves the reader practically drooling to get their hands on the next book in the series to see what happens silencs Leif throughout his quest. This relative complexity of plot and character is typical of YA literature in delhora, several of the protagonists are orphans, which, as we know, is instant shorthand for all YA literature everywhere ot, but the speed with which the protagonist is thrust into and accepts the adventure is typical of children’s stories.

The Forest of Silence by Emily Rodda | Scholastic

The series starts with a king and his best friend living a sheltered life. There, they are immediately set upon by fell wights who paralyze them and carry them off to feed their “god: He has much to learn, and as he matures, you feel as if your maturing with him. Jasmine believed that if she was good and stayed quiet, her parents would come back, but they did not. He also mentioned that Sharn was with child, and that she would give birth at summer’s end. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

A place called ” The Darkwhere a formidable former Jalis knight clad in golden battle armour, named Gorl, resided. I’m eight years older than my brother.

The Forests of Silence (Deltora Quest #1) by Emily Rodda

Prandine revealed that he killed Endon’s parents, and that he was a servant of the Shadow Lord like quset chief advisors before him. The plotline sillence very easy to follow. Endon and Jarred gave her shocked looks, and Sharn said that she had often seen smaller jesters do a similar trick. The Seven Jewels Game Jarred was murderously enraged and attacked Prandine, but ended up injuring his sword arm.

The book’s resolution is impressively elegant, with a confluence of several events that save the heroes and make way for their quest to continue. However I didn’t get to read the final installement in the serie which still bugs me.

The Forest of Silence

This conflict is rather deep and complex. Deltora Quest is a series for children, but the world that is created by the skillful mind of Emily Rodda will stay sklence you.


That evening, he and his friend Barda leave for the Forests of Silence. The Lilies produce a nectar of healing and, potentially, immortality.

Retrieved from ” https: And the whole tree accident to Firest leg wasn’t believable. The first book is very interesting, but somewhat light on action as much of the story is being set-up.

I think i will read a book of the serie now and then. I believe this books really made me read a lot. To consummate this, a magical steel belt, the Belt of Deltora, is set around Endon’s waist. It’s an extremely popular series in Australia that’s never quite taken off in America so if you can give it a chance. For one, he’s not working for the Shadow Lord — actually, chances are he doesn’t even know the Shadow Lord exists, having stood guard in the Forests of Silence alone for what is implied to be centuries.

The blacksmith sneaks back into the enchanted castle, convinces the King and Queen to retrieve the Belt, but, sadly, after foresst Belt has been stolen and fordst into its component gems.

The books themselves are short, easy reads though and the amount of set-up is similar to what a much larger book would typically entail. The Shadow Lord ruling over Deltora, and Leif trying to get rid of him is an intense battle.

His best friend, an orphan of a noble who has been raised in the court, wonders why the Belt only appears at the coronation.

Jarred, on the other hand, was reckless and restless, and longed to see the city of Delleading to his doubt of the Rule’s wisdom. I’m surprised Lief agreed to deltoraa the quest with his companion, Barda the ‘beggar’. This came highly recommended. In secrecy, with only a hand-drawn map to guide them, two unli The evil Shadow Lord is plotting to invade Deltora and enslave its people.