Demonographia is a complete collection of the diabolic portraiture designed by Louis Breton for J.A.S. Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal, depicting many of . Louis Breton created a set of 69 illustrations of demons, which were then engraved by M. Jarrault. J.A.S. Collin de Plancy then published the set with brief . Nov 4, Corps of Doom: Demonographia ~ Collin de Plancy II.

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Please help improve this article by checking for citation inaccuracies. Gaap or Tap excites the passion of love and hatred. When he takes human form, one believes that he sees a grand soldier. Before the establishment of Christianity, the Saxons who lived around these two rivers adored a feminine divinity, whose tmple was in the city of Magdebourg or Megdeburch city of the young ladyand who has inspired ever since a certain fear as the naiad of the Elbe.

One says that he is perfectly facetious, and that one of his tricks is to pull witches off the brooms they were riding on to the sabbath and give them a ride pn his shoulders; this was attested to by the witches of Moira, demonograpuia Sweden, in One sees him in the form of a beautiful horse. He shall reign in Babylon; and there he has the head of an owl. Anonymous June 23, at 4: Godfrey de Bouillonchronicles and legends of the time of the first two Crusades, — Ribesal, specter whom the people of Silesia place in residence at p,ancy summit of the Risembeg.

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Views Read Se View history. Retrieved from ” https: Infernal Dictionary is a book on demonologydescribing demons organised in hierarchies. In his best known work, Dictionnaire Infernalwas published. Luna added it Dec 20, The Devil Painted by Himself, or, a Gallery of small novels, bizarre tales, prodigious anecdotes about the adventures of demons, the traits that characterize their good qualities and their misfortunes, the right words and the answers that singular their attributes, their loves, and the services they have rendered out to mortals, etc.


Leonard is taciturn and melancholic; but at all the assemblies of witches and devils where he is obliged to appear,he shows himself to advantage and makes use of a superb graveness. Refresh and try again. Collin de Plancy followed the tradition of many previous demonologists of cataloguing demons df name and title of nobility, as it happened with grimoires like Pseudomonarchia Daemonumand The Lesser Key of Solomon among others. Demonkgraphia one wished to sacrifice children to Moloch, one lit a large fire in the interior of ckllin statue.


Names of Demons from Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal

One cites another book attributed to the prophets Eli and Elijah, with which Gaap is conjured by the virtue of the saints’ names of God contained in the Key of Solomon. In were added some images that made it famous: All the catalogues made herebefore are only the fruit of a more or less disordered imagination.

This article possibly contains original research. Newer Post Older Post Home. He is sweet of character. January 28, Plancy-l’AbbayeFrance.

Pruflas or Busas, high prince and grand duke of the infernal empire. Osiris Oliphant rated it really liked it Mar 10, He incites discord, fans the flames of war and quarrels and reduces gentle folk to poverty; he responds profusely to all that is asked of him; he has twenty six legions under his orders. He commands four of the principal kings of the infernal empire.

If he shows himself to the exorcists, it is in the form of a man riding a dromedary, crowned with a diadem encircled with precious stones, with the face of a woman. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. If one did not appease him at first, he would present himself a second time; and when one gave him the pain of appearing a third time, he could only be mollified demnographia the effusion of human blood.


The rabbis claim that, in the interior of coollin statue of the famous Moloch, god of the Ammonites, one had carefully arranged sevend kinds of cabinets. The Chronicle of Godfrey de Bouillonand the kingdom of Jerusalem. Nineteen hellish cohorts are under his orders. He points out hidden treasures which are not guarded by evil spirits.

Jacques Collin de Plancy

Olivia added it Dec 20, Legends of the other world, to serve as a history of Paradise, Purgatory and Hell, with some drafts of characters unconcerned with their soul. Hope Dinatdo June 25, at 2: He transports very promptly men in different countries who wish to cross the abyss. Lechics, demons of the woods, a kind of satyr amonng the Russians who gave him a human bodyfrom the waist up with the horns, ears, and beard of a she-goat; demonoographia, from the waist down, the form of a goat.

One treats him with little enough respect, regarding him as a buffoon and charlatan. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

Consulted, he gives responses on the past, the present, and the future. She was the mother of the two famous Lapiths, Broteas and Orion.

Names of Demons from Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal

Irianna marked it as to-read Jul 13, He has also the management of visions and dreams. Witches adore him by kissing this lower face while holding a green candle in their hand.

Dictionnaire critique des reliques et des images miraculeuses. When he is angry, his face is enflamed, but it is nothing monstrous. Among the English, the sailors call the devil, “Old Nick”. He has a raucous voice, a spirit carried away be falsehood; he presents himself in the form of a stork.