Contributed by Benne de Weger, the Netherlands. “The title may be translated as The Counting Devil, or maybe The Number Devil, and it has a subtitle that. Der Zahlenteufel. by Hans Magnus Enzensberger at – ISBN – ISBN – DTV Deutscher Taschenbuch – : Der Zahlenteufel () by Hans Magnus Enzensberger and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available.

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Furthermore, two questions that came to mind were: This book is a very clever book that shows young kids a more exciting zahlenteufrl to math. Although they praised its “attractive and imaginative fantasy ,” the two mathematicians found several issues.

It is about a schoolboy who in his dreams meets the counting devil. I am going to purchase the software – has anyone used it that would like to tell me about it? Did they think that a devil would scare Italian children, or that it would enrage the Catholic Church? The New York Review of Books. We have the students work in groups throughout the school year on these and then each student is required to write an essay or creative story to explain how they found or tried to find the answers to the questions posed.

It can zahlenteufle read by people of many ages. The book was a hit across Europe, becoming a best seller in at least Spain, Germany, [8] the Netherlands, [9] and Italy. On the third night, the Number Devil brings Robert to a cave and reveals how prima-donna numbers prime numbers can only be divided by themselves and one without a remainder.


I do love the book’s zahlenteufell, really it’s the author’s imagination!

The Number Devil – Wikipedia

University of California Press. It was a funny and interesting book that made my math phobic daughter think of math in a friendlier way.

Archived from the original on 21 April Mathematical Association of America. Contributed by Katie This is a really fun way for kids, well anyone really, to read about math. My mother raised me with a love of numbers and math and its mysteries and complexities from an early age.

Bayerischer Rundfunk in German. In the index of the book, “unreasonable numbers” are translated as irrational. Contributed by Anna This is without doubt one of the best mathematical fictions I’ve read.

On the first night, the Number Devil appears to Robert in an oversized world and introduces the number one. On the ninth night, Robert dreams he is in bed, suffering from the flu, when the Number Devil appears next to him. By this dream, Robert’s mother has noticed a visible change in Robert’s mathematical interest, and Robert begins going to sleep earlier to encounter the Number Devil. Contributed by Benne de Weger, the Netherlands “The title may be translated as The Counting Devil, or maybe The Number Devil, and it has a subtitle that translates to ‘a pillowbook for everyone who is afraid of math’.

Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Contributed by John C. The Number Devil teaches Robert about natural numberswhich the Number Devil calls garden-variety numbersthe unusual characteristics of infiniteand infinite series. Henry Holt and Company. Notices of the AMS. We start off with the students finding out about the pattern with the multiplication of ones 1×1, 11×11, x, etc.

Contributed by Mary Jo Amschler I have questions! Over the course of twelve dreams, the Number Devil teaches Robert mathematical principles.


I frequently re-read it just for fun, and every so often, I’ll get into a conversation about it with one of my “geeky” friends. When reading such books as “The DaVinci Code”, somehow it makes me feel really powerful to know that in a star with a pentagon around it, the ratio of the pentagon’s sides to the star’s legs is the golden ratio.

I’m sure we’ll read it again. I would love to have a sequel! It’s charming and witty. Contributed by Kathryn I really loved this book, and as a future math educator, I found it to be very useful for something I could one day use in the classroom.

The book follows a young boy named Robert, who is taught mathematics by a sly “number devil” called Teplotaxl over the course of twelve dreams. At Number Heaven, Robert learns of imaginary numberswhich Teplotaxl describes as imaginative numbersas well as the Klein bottle.

The Number Devil received mostly positive reviews from critics. A Mathematical Adventure cover. He was also challenged by the necessity to use simple English words appropriate for the target audience of The Number Devil —that is, children aged eleven to fourteen. It was one of the first books I read that helped me realize how simple and beautiful Math is!

My son then read it again for a project when he was in 5th grade. He defined them as irrational.