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Its natural forms combine effortlessly to create a harmonious whole. Practical, enduring and discreetly elegant — moderna internalises Swiss design virtues. The rigid geometry of the ceramic items is tempered by the multicoloured lightness of the transparent plastic elements.

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Elegantly curved arched outlet. Showering as in the spa: These are the fairs and events we will attend over the coming months. A timeless classic, designed for the future: Simple architectural lines, extremely narrow edges and fine surface structures make the washbasins of this collection globally unique. A ccatalogo of the prolific Italian designer, Stefano Giovannoni.


Virtual products are distributed through our strategic partner BIMobject. The timeless and harmonious language of the moderna plus forms gently takes this to a cataloto modern level. The puristic design language fascinates the avant-gardist with a passion for minimalism.

Perfect for modern living.


Design in its perfect practical form: The metropolitan designs with subtle and unconventional sophistication: More space for individuality: A solution that emphasises the architecture, conveys a homely atmosphere and helps make best use of space. Development and manufacturing work closely together in a perpetual search for the optimal realization of design and quality.

Or request us to send them by post. LAUFEN manufactures products that allow water, a precious resource, to be used sparingly and therefore demonstrates its commitment to preserving natural resources. With Lb3, decoration is allowed: The curveplus range really impresses customers with a weakness for graceful design.

Elegant, inviting and almost weightless objects, the pieces work with simple lines, creating soft yet extremely stable walls. Lavish surfaces and a fascinating design are the stunning credentials of the cityplus faucet line. The understated geometrical shapes of the bath lend an air of peace and relaxation.


The collection includes a wall-mounted washbasin, a countertop or half inserted washbasin bowl, as well as high-quality bathroom furniture and two bathtubs. The curveprime tap radiates perfection and dynamism as it sensuously traces the path of the water. The twinplus tap collection exudes sophistication and iconic style. This website uses cookies uses cookies to improve your experience on our website. The clear modern lines inspire instantly, and impress with their timeless distinctive look.

As multifaceted as life itself: Puristic series of fittings: Browse around all the latest stories, including our social media feeds, in our Newsroom. The bathroom collection combines ergonomics and emotional appeal in a compact form, exuding a unique feeling of sensuousness in the bathroom.

Our network of professional PR agents are equipped with all the latest press releases, hi-res images and knowledge to answer your questions. Subtly receding contour edges.