To make the information found in Mr. Hubbard’s books available for study at home, churches of Scientology provide extension courses on many Dianetics and. Dianetics Extension Course [L Ron Hubbard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Study book w/questions to be used in conjunction with The. Scientology – The Fundamentals of Thought (Extension Course) [L. Ron Hubbard ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A scientology.

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Before dinner, and once you and your partner have worked both ways, applying Dianetics and receiving it, you will wrap up and meet with a trained consultant to go over your progress, and what your next step extensioh and get any final questions answered.

After a short question and answer period from your seminar leader, and reviewing your step How to Use Dianetics Procedure Cokrse, you will know how to begin applying Dianetics. In that regard, his new discovery concerning mental image pictures had revealed something else, something even greater—the anatomy of confusion and order. Worried about keeping your job?

The Future of Scientology.

Scientology and Dianetics Basic Extension Courses

People choose the Dianetics Extension Course for:. The bolt from the blue that began a worldwide movement.

Lecturing, supervising and working with trained auditors, he tested the latest technology of Scientology in handling Dianetic engrams. It also gives the solution to them in Dianetic therapy. In Stock Ships within 24 hours.

For with all the discoveries the past year had brought—in terms of clearing —they had now culminated in a breakthrough for planetary expansion. Covering topics such as; the real reason for unexplained pains, negative emotions and unhappy relationships in your life; exactly what is destroying your belief in yourself and how Dianetics helps you get rid of it and become more you.


People choose the Dianetics Extension Course for: These include evening and weekend seminars, offering an overview of fundamental principles and their application in life. After a break, you will turnabout with your partner and now either deliver or receive Dianetics. You will read the book and do practical drills to assist you in learning the exact anatomy of and handling for the reactive mind—the single ckurse of your unhappiness, stress and insecurity.

Following the lunch break we will pair you up with a friend, or another attendee, and you will start applying Dianetics. And you will work with other people like yourself—people ready to tackle those things holding them back in life and so to realize their full potential.

Bookshop No goals or direction in life? All of which explains his January announcement in Ability magazine:. When I got Dianetics, I was able to understand why.


Convenience and flexibility—can be done anywhere, anytime Precision personal supervision from the Extension Course Director Certification as a Dianetics Extension Course exxtension. For as he next demonstrated in application, here was the most rock-bottom basic in bringing order to a preclear, an organization…an entire society.

The Modern Science of Mental Health, continuing through each successive text, and comprised of individual lessons embracing the primary definitions and senior data of every breakthrough within those texts. It is a discovery of Dianetics that all of your painful experiences from the past are stored in a previously unknown part of your mind—the reactive mind.


In Stock Ships within 24 hours. Coursd he is not able to Clear people easily, since he lacks fundamental understandings which became commonplace many years ago. Hear What Others Are Saying. The Complete Dianetics How-to Kit.

Any questions you may have through the day will be quickly addressed by our Dianetics specialists so you get the most possible gain.

This home-study course takes you through the basics and fundamentals of the mind. The second day begins with a new film to give you more information that will take you to the next step and increase your certainty in delivering Dianetics to another. The announcement of technology for wide scale clearing, hundreds or even thousands at a time—by one auditor. Achieve the success and happiness you really want and can have.

You will read the book and do practical drills to assist you in learning the exact anatomy of and handling for the reactive mind—the single source of your unhappiness, stress and insecurity. First and foremost, of course, is Scientology itself. For here is L. It seems cookies are disabled in your browser or an ad blocker is enabled.

I can just handle those things like a breeze.