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LOGIC CARTRIDGE VALVE – DIN 1/3. L09 03/ Type. Size. Max pressure. Area ratio. ICLI DN bar. 1: 1: 1: 1: /S. ICLI ARON cartridge valves are basi- cally composed of a cover and an operating unit insert in the ISO (DIN ) mounting frame. Each cartridge valve is. (). (). (). (). (). () () () () () (). * only together with d4 max and t4 max. Installation Dimension as per DIN

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AMT-PSTK-** | Almo Manifold & Tool Co.

The construction and features of these valves open up a wide range of applications with hydraulic cylinders and motors. The Z1 port is used for dih control of the reduced pressure.

CVGMS P A range of pressure relief, shuttle and pilot operated check functions provide additional functions allowing pilot control circuitry to be directly mounted on to the size 03 mounting face of CVC S covers, either with, or independent of, a 2342 operated pilot valve.

The check function prevents flow from B to A. Installation dimensions unchanged for design numbers 40 to 49 inclusive. The pressure drop created by the pilot flow through the orifices in the main poppet and the cover is seen across the ends of the pilot piston, causing the piston to quickly move up and hold the pilot relief poppet off idn seat.

Presses Plastics molding machines Die casting machines Shears and balers Machine tools and metal forming machinery Steel mill machinery and other primary metal processing equipment Mobile vehicles Marine Response Time Response time is generally faster than that of large spool type valves which have to clear their overlap before flow starts.

Flexibility Components can be individually matched to system requirements. Cracking pressure, bar psi For models ZD L – 1,0 Therefore, there is virtually no leakage between ports A and B when the poppet is held in the closed position Figure 2, page Vickers is the only supplier to offer low leakage design at high pressure.


Pressure at control port X forces the poppet against the spring to close the valve. T A In Figure 52 the system is vented when both solenoids of the pilot valve are de-energized. This valve range is ideally suited for applications requiring a prefill valve or decompression valve.

Cartridge Valves mounted in a manifold block provide a compact, integrated circuit for simplified machine design and reduced system costs.

Alternative arrangements include integral electrical selection of pressure or venting and of dual pressure settings and venting. When 24432 cylinders are used, a spool valve would probably be sized for the return flow rate out of the head end of the cylinder. All warranties shall expire 12 months from the date the article is placed in service, or 24 months from the date the article is supplied, whichever is the earlier.

The sizing and combination of orifices fitted into these pilot valves have been determined by testing to give good response and stable operation across a wide range of average system parameters using standard covers i.

Electronic controllers for the pilots are also shown. Cartridge Covers are used in conjunction with cartridge valves to create a complete assembly.

AAP Size 16 1: The poppet is then held in a steady-state condition with dkn flow across the slot and the pilot. Orientation pin A sq. The adjacent 244342, Figures 46, 47 and 48, dim the circuitry of a 3-way hydrostat together with three control options.

Flow is always from port B to port A. Maximum Operating Pressure Up to bar psidependent on the maximum pressure of any pilot valve or module used. Poppets can be combined with different springs to provide three different cracking pressures. P08 2432 Orifice size 0,8 mm in P line T06 – Orifice size 0,6 mm in T line B09 – Orifice size 0,9 mm in B line A10 – Orifice size 1,0 mm in A line Specify orifice requirements by port location s followed by orifice code see table on page e.


This pilot pressure unseats the pilot-operated check module to open AP to port Y, and at the same time opens the main poppet.

Slip-In Cartridge valve, ISO (DIN )

Electrohydraulic proportional control of pressure is also available. USgpm 16 2,0 0. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

The model identification for size 03 pilot valve interface options is: Sizes 16 to 40 A model N cover is used with a D insert 1: Sizes 80 and Fluorocarbon seals F3 are standard.

63mm Body – XA/XB Circuit – DIN Bodies

Sizes 50 and For availability of inserts by size and function see page 5. Maximum pressure – bar psi Fluorocarbon seals F3 are standard 243442 these two sizes. Pilot control orifice location Orifice size Specify non-standard orifice size code, see tables on page Adjustment options are shown starting on page Function C – 1: With seals on the poppet which eliminate internal leakage, ensuring pressure is maintained in pilot port A.

A spring holds the piston in the open position. Repeat as necessary for further non-standard requirements. The free flow direction is A to B. An electrically modulated proportional pilot is available that can provide infinitely variable reduced pressure settings and a vent condition. All features must be specified when ordering; those in brackets are optional. Block systems eliminate a multitude of interconnecting lines between components, thereby virtually eliminating potential leakage points and related oil waste.

Spring force closing 243442 2. For stable valve operation follow Vickers recommendations for selection of spring for each size of insert. Other orifice sizes can be fitted by special arrangement with your Vickers representative. Pressure on the AP area, plus the spring force, holds the poppet against the seat.