DIN 68126 PDF

DIN Profile boards with chamfer and broad root; dimensions. standard by Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V. (German National. Profile boards with chamfer and broad root; dimensions. Pellets produced by our company meet the requirements of GOST R and the requirements of European standards DIN EN ISO , EN ISO.

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Determination of growth properties of coniferous sawn timber. This European Standard defines a non-destructive method for estimating the moisture content of a piece of sawn timber using an electrical resistance moisture meter. Properties of wood species – Density, modulus of elasticity and strength.

Round and sawn timber – Terminology dib Part 7: Timber in joinery – General classification of timber quality; German version EN It does not apply to tropical timber.

Qualitative classification of softwood round timber – Part 1: The document defines the sampling plans and procedures for inspection of sawn timber lots by attributes and control regulations and conditions for acceptance or rejection of the lot in view of the agreed specification.

The board is klibrovanny construction

Structural timber 681126 Sizes, permitted deviations; German version EN At every stage of production, strict quality control is conducted. Durability of wood and wood-based products – Performance of preventive wood preservatives as determined by biological tests dinn Part 2: Estimation by capacitance method; German version prEN Durability of wood and derived materials; definition of hazard classes of biological attack; part 1: The standard applies to dry and green sawn timber, of thickness 15 mm up to 34 mm and of width mm up to mm measured in a green state.


The 6826 combination on the euro carriage is made according to the European standard deeper than on the ordinary GOST board. It applies to the volume of a batch of similar or dissimilar pieces of sawn softwood or hardwood. Softwood and hardwood pulpwoods.

Preferred sizes for thicknesses diin 38 mm and over are also specified. Softwood round timber; German version EN It applies to softwood sawn timber.

Building lumber

It does not cover design, installation and structural reuirements. General terms relating to round timber; German version EN Planed boards and planks made of coniferous timber; dimensions. This standard does not apply to the strength grading of structural timber.

Classification of preservative penetration and retention; German version EN Durability of wood and wood-based products – Preservative-treated solid wood – Determination of the penetration and retention of creosote in treated wood; German version EN Timber structures – Strength graded structural timber with rectangular cross section – Part 4: Terms relating to anatomical structure of timber; German version EN Qualitative classification of softwood round timber – Part 2: This European Standard specifies the minimum performance requirements in biological tests for products for curative uses against specific wood destroying organisms.


It applies to hardwood and softwood sawn timber, both square edged and unedged.

Рейка деревянная строганная DIN купить от производителя

It is applicable to sawn and prepared sqare-edged timber with parallel edges having sawn thickness or widths in the range of 22 mm to mm. This Part of EN gives guidance on the application of the use classes, as defined in Part 1 to solid wood of ENin relation to the biological agents that can attack solid wood and solid wood panels.

Sign up for a meeting with our managers and you will have no doubt that you have made the right choice! The classifications describe quality classes of round timbers for which the intended use is not known.