DIY Gary Fong Lightsphere · Allen Mowery am, 21 November Taken from a video I recently created. View it here: Get great results.

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That has a nice ring to it. Just a few dozen years too late on that one! Its funny how very little “Gray” area there is when it comes to the Gary Fong Lightsphere.

It was way back when first time a bubble-wrap for instance was used on top of flash to diffuse light.

I obviously don’t care about appearance. It will cost you a bowl of take-away noodle, a few cents for the tissue paper or tracing paper, and some scotch tapes to tidy up the edges. Look at my facial hair Mark Spoo 7 years ago.

Might be a good combo with the fun foam, though the fun foam works just fine as is. So, for the purposes of explaining how the velcro works, picture the diffuser material as a gart of paper. So, jonesing to see some results?

Improvement over built-in flash, but still not great. A blog lightspnere microstock, photography, travel and whatever that may interest you and me: So do not be unjust to Gary Fong – the results with his products – as demonstrated by himself – speak for themselves.

Simple or complex is not the criteria. I like the fun-foam idea myself, but this one is pretty cool too. Color night vision with the SiOnyx Aurora. Spreading the light and making the light source surface area larger. If you have a lightly colored wall or low white ceiling available, bouncing your flash off them can produce much better results because the whole wall winds up acting as lighgsphere light source.

DIY Gary Fong Style SLR SpeedLite Diffuser | Acerbic Resonance

The ceiling is too tall 20 feet for the flash bounce to be effective. This diffuser and any diffuser will not instantly make your photos look fantastic. There is almost no dky to how you can do this. Photographer Allen Mowery made a yet another simple Lightsphere from some stuff he found around the fon Velcro and bubble wrap vinyl drawer liner.


As far as i know and have checked the patent databases, his patents are valid only in the US.

Fong’s LS does what it advertises Notice how the colors are brighter, the light much more even, but the shadows are sharper. You can shoot with the smooth side in or out. Again I don’t see the need for using GF name on a project that doesn’t remotely resemble it unless you have issues with GF or using GF name is the only way you can get people to look at your cheap creation Taken from a video I recently created.

I wish that you change the title of the thread to something like ” DIY Flash Diffuser” I think Gary deserves lightssphere cent he receives for his products for intellectual property alone, It seems alot of people are trying lightsphee copy his success Because Stofen or Lumiquest are two different types of products. And merely for this reason i also think he deserves diu his money he has gotten for selling LS. Great depth and warm colors from the off-white wall. I was looking around on your website here and I thought lihhtsphere you could help us out.

When reality you can get the same results if used properly. F Forum M My threads. Somehow, and this is just a wild guess, but I suspect flash diffusion was popular long before Gary popped some tupperware on a flash to diffuse it.

DIY Gary Fong Lightsphere…

Same as above, but with diffuser. I only used 5 inches. Because A you can buy the same stuff on ebay for a fraction of the cost B you dont even need a diffuser to get good results. Maps World Street Maps.


Effectively, this produces 2 light sources: Many cameras today include built-in image stabilization systems, but when it comes to video that’s still no substitute for a lights;here camera stabilization rig.

His success is based on his skill as photographer. Proud 80’s baby, reader of graphic novels and movie geek! In fact, on most SLR cameras it is only about a square centimeter or so.

DIY SpeedLite Diffuser

Size this to be gafy 2 times the width of your flash. But I think that perhaps I should back up a bit — the diffuser I describe in this post is designed for flash photography, not necessarily for video lighting.

This way, when you fold it over the top of your flash, lightsphefe velcro matches up and is able to attach. Best cameras and lenses In my tutorial, I used some drawer liner material for the diffuser — this is very thin, rubbery-like sheets that are intended to be put inside a drawer to keep things from sliding around when the drawer is opened and closed.

Sure, it looks a little funny on top of the flash, but no more so than the original spaceship-shaped Fong. This is not to say LS are apt to every opportunity. Thinking it would be more fair to point the flash directly at her for a ligbtsphere comparison, I took these next While I would love to claim the lightspherre concept for this little project, I must give credit to Artur Gajewski and his wonderful how-to over at Instructables.

Flash with diffuser attached.