This Access tutorial explains how to use To Method to export different objects to specific file types, for example, export Query to xlsx. acOutputReport, 3, Report. acOutputServerView, 7, Server View. Microsoft Access allows us to export access object like table, query,etc to other formats like Excel, PDF, RTF, etc. Using “To” To. on form. Dim i As Integer i = DCount(“*”, “a_import_aels_step_1”) If i = 0 Then strNoRecordOpenArg = “Imported AEL’s” To.

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access 2010, DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport Problem

There is only one thing that you must not forget to take care of. You can use the OutputTo method to output the lutputto in the specified Access database object a datasheet, form, report, module, data access page to several output formats. However, all of these assume acoutputreoprt of a new file. If so, I could imagine that you might be running into permissions issues. The following works for me: Tell us about your experience with our site. If that really is your code, I don’t think Filename gets a valid value.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Social connect: If I use DoCmd. He is also a: If you leave this argument blank, Access prompts you for an output file name.

If that works, then there’s something about the filename that Access doesn’t like. OutputTo -Method does not support to supply any criteria to the report the filter the data. This email list is hosted at Mailchimp in the United States. So then I tried to insert a text file into the excel file which worked docdm I execute a SaveAs and my ribbon disappears again.


For example something like: Some Access formats cannot be perfectly supported, and outpjtto error pops up when users try to open the exported workbook, and users have to save the file as a new one for auto repair. TransferSpreadsheet Methodthe syntax is ouputto different. When i change it to “D: Did you actually create a folder “C: Im dont know how that breakpoint inserting works In reply to kuil88’s post on March 7, Dirk Goldgar Replied on March 2, It is not obvious how to export a dynamically filtered report using this method.

I suspect it’s not valid. In reply to Dirk Goldgar’s post on March 2, Other than the DoCmd.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Thing now is i want to save it on the c: Jan, I have just updated another thread to include information how to export to excel template, see below http: You open the report using DoCmd.

To PDF – filtering – UtterAccess Forums

I have the same question 0. Considering this, it is very simple to solve the problem with exporting dynamically filtered reports.


When i remove “filepath” from the end off the DoCmd Close acReportodcmdacSaveNo End Sub In a acourputreport implementation, based on this sample, you can pass in all 3 variables as arguments into the function and thus create a simple and flexible ExportToPDF routine for your Access application.

Refer to my previous post http: Login Login with twitter. You then simply invoke DoCmd. While all these approaches work, I would rather not recommend to use acoutputeeport of them. After opening the report in preview view, it will stay open, albeit invisible, until you explicitly close it. You might try manually creating a file with that name in that folder path, to make sure that you can.

Taking all this into account, our procedure to export a filtered report to PDF could look like this: Are you working in a restricted business environment, where users don’t have permissions on a lot of things? TransferSpreadSheet Method to export different objects to specific file types, for example, export Query to xlsx.

OutputTo -Method will just export the report as it is! OurputTo line, and check the value of filepath at that point.