filetype: you only want Microsoft Word documents, filetype:doc . Google’s and Clusty’s Basic Searches and Dogpile’s Advanced Search were. Google screen with search text as follows: filetype:ppt quote math curriculum Dogpile is one of the metasearch engines and can be accessed by going to. Accepts Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT, and limiting by “filetype:” and Dogpile Searches Google, Yahoo, Bing, and.

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Since it is not likely that users will find the desired topic within the first few clicks, the breadcrumb list provides a way to return to dohpile subcategories. Project Gutenbergthe oldest producer of free electronic books, currently offering more than 18, texts The Camelot Projectwhich offers public domain literature relating to the Arthurian legends Material on popular culture, such as cinematelevision, and sports An increasing number of websites from colleges, universities, and associations, dovpile post information ranging from student research fileyype to scholarly works by professors and others who are experts in their subject fields Postings to discussion groups, asking or answering specific questions on a particular topic Articles from some current issues of popular and scholarly journals may be found through searchable databases such as FindArticles.

10 Meta-Search Engines Reviewed and Compared

Search Query Search Techniques Search Statement You want government sites that discuss bioterrorism domain searching bioterrorism site: This lesson introduces general search engines and meta-search engines, and Lesson 4 covers specialized search engines and subject directories. Many of the top ranked sites in the three searches were the same as the top ranked sites in the first Google search. The following is a screen capture of Google’s Advanced Search Screen: Have you seen our AllPlus?

SEO forums September 2, at In addition to text-matching techniques, an increasing number of search engines are also using popularity and link analysis as a means of ranking search results. Use the hyperlink shown to search for mailing lists by keywords. To specify that your search term should be found in the URL of the Web page, including paths and subdirectories.


These databases will be discussed in Lesson Five. Free WordPress Themes September 9, at 9: Bibliographic information from various disciplines, including: This news accumulator feature is a godsend providing high quality results.

However, for explanatory purposes, in this course the AND operator will be included in search examples, and for class exercises you should include this operator in your search statements where applicable. The buttons to the right are links to various resources. Recall there filetypd overdatabases on the Web. The Web is currently the service that most people use to access Internet resources and services.

Go to the Google help section, for many more features. How Do Search Engines Work? Directories are very good when you need to start with xogpile subject index then narrow the subject by choosing subcategories.

Calishain gives these tips on Boolean modifiers using Google: Google’s size, uncluttered interface, and fast searching have made it easily the most popular search engine.

Visual output showing relations. You could then, at any future time, search this group on a research topic with keywords.

10 Meta-Search Engines Reviewed and Compared

Many of the websites in the top 20 of all three search engines were the same, although they also had unique sites in dgopile top That website is also useful for finding various specialty search engines.

There are some disadvantages in relying exclusively on meta-search engines. Each search engine has its own search interface and uses different criteria for matching searches with documents.

EndNote Endnote is the standard tool used by millions of researchers for collecting, organizing and formatting dogoile.

Dogoile an understanding of the topic, it is nearly impossible to select appropriate categories. Meta-search engine is a web-based service that aggregates data from a number of search engines.

In the “Data Mining” section of this presentation many other “Specialized Search Engines” are listed that assist in finding websites with databases. On Teoma search for: The search engine with the largest collection of sites is not necessarily the best search engine, but potentially, the larger the search engine the greater the chance that you will find something.


To get started, you can choose to use the highly-rated Pluck RSS reader. A special kind of search engine called a meta-search engine allows you to query several search engines at once.

Metaspring August 28, at About Us Why Choose Us?

LIS2004: Web Search Engines

Dogpipe specialized search engines are a big help in finding databases of interest to your research. Notify me of new posts by email. Links are provided through the URL, the cached pages older pages and similar pages which have a high correlation to the linked page. At last, a topic is revealed that will provide some information specific to the question.

Search Techniques

To find out which features are supported by a search engine, read the HELP file. It installs as a client on you computer and goes beyond what metasearch engines can do Hock, Instead of doing a search itself, a meta-search engine sends your request to other search engines, compiles the results, and displays them for you. I have used search. If you do nothing else with the deep Web, learn how to use the three websites described below.

Check that list along with the displayed categories.

For example, you could create a group called Technology and add all the databases and websites of interest to you. You can also browse by category, and then search databases of interest. The advanced search in Googlefor instance, allows you doglile specify a date range, the file format, where keywords occur in results, language limitations, content filtering, topic specific searchers government sites, university sites, Microsoft sites, Linux sites, etc.