Is Supersystem 2 an updated, more thoroughed version of Supersystem or is it a completion of the first No Limit Hold’em by Doyle Brunson. I picked up Poker Wisdom of a Champion for more of Doyle’s home spun styles that could easily be renamed “Harrington, Brunson, Lindgren. Zacząłem grać w Pokera, oczywiście już przeczytałem ABC na . Doyle Brunson’s Super System – A Course in Power Poker (Doyle Brunson).pdf.

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You’d be surprised how much of poker bruunson universal and how learning one game can help another. Without an aggressive image, whether it be LAG or TAG, against several good players you might as skper play with your cards face up. Here are the tables of content for once and for all: Originally Posted by zachvac What? Super System – Summary please [Re: Doyle also talks about the importance of switching gears and not only playing tight or loose but switching between them.

Most chapters are very good. You just seem to be implying that it’s a bad thing.

Originally Posted by phydaux. It seems like today’s player have read the first 10 pages of the NLHE section Doyle wrote about being aggressive and live and die by that principle. And nevadanick does have a point – it was written largely with weak-tight opponents in mind. Originally Posted by Gonso.


Books similar to Doyle Brunson’s Super System 2: A Course in Power Poker

The NL hold’em section is the same, but slightly edited for readability. You are not logged in. A Course in Power Poker. Here you go, supersytem online. Doyle doesn’t have a “system. Laurie Champion ; Doyle Brunson This is a collection of tales that will appeal to both general readers and to gambling enthusiasts.

Super System may be a bit outdated, but the core principles from the book have definitely helped the way that I, and im sure many others approach poker and improved their game.

Originally Posted by OzExorcist Other than that though, SS describes games that are very different to the ones you’ll find today. I like the fact that noone ever reads Sklansky’s chapter in SS1 so that gives me an edge.

Send a private message to VBrounder. So you can decide for yourself whether it could be useful for you.

Originally Posted by Lambique. January 14th,3: Doyle’s NL Hold’em style is an aggressive, somewhat loose style. Much more loose than, oh, Dan Harrington maybe. Find Threads Started by Lambique. January 14th, Super System still relevant Hi folks, Even though Super Systems was published some 30 years ago, do you think it is still relevant in brjnson cash games? Free Manning, Hammond, and Brown.

Find Threads Started by Adman.

Sometimes I think playing the button is the worst position, because now you are in a reactive state. I really forgot how good that material actually is and I’m actually finding it more enjoyable and more applicable now that I have been playing for a couple of years than I did when I first read it.


The world’s greatest poker players give powerful advice on beating poker in the most popular styles including tournaments, cash games, no-limit, limit and pot-limit hold’em, Omaha high-low and PLO7-card stud razz, doyldand triple draw Superstars of Poker features winning strategies and professional secrets from the world’s greatest players.

Originally Posted by ltin Thanks a lot for that link.

Parts of Super System are still very relevant today. Super System still relevant.

Books like Doyle Brunson’s Super System 2: A Course in Power Poker

In the meantime I am curious as to the playing style and the key things he advocates within his “system” or style. Send a private message to ltin. January 30th,8: Send a private message to FoldALot. I think that Super System still has many relevant points, though as others have pointed out the game has definitely changed since its release.

April 2nd, 7: Poker Players – Streaming Live Online. I would say power poker is pretty prevalent today. Send a private message to omahaChamp. Find Threads Started by phydaux.