File types supported by DraftBoard Unlimited EDU. Our users primarily use DraftBoard Unlimited EDU to open these file types: VLM. Ltd. DraftBoard and DraftBoard Unlimited are trademarks of Concepts Technology Co. Ltd.. Other trademarks and product names are trademarks and registered. Draft Board Unlimited Crack > ef

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Release the mouse button to set the endpoint. Opposite-Point uses the diameter.

Select the pen weight you want to change by clicking on the pen number. Reload This commands dtaftboard you to reload additional functions and commands while DraftBoard is already running, since only loaded functions and commands can be added into the Utilities menu and displayed in the additional function palette.

When the pattern element is properly defined, click OK. Drag the offset distance in the drawing area.

DraftBoard Unlimited : Reference Guide |

Creating construction geometry 1. The status line shows a diameter for the circle, the standard way of describing a polygon circumscribed around a circle. All functions and commands that are placed in the Function folder are loaded automatically when DraftBoard is launched. The Line weight of dimension lines can be only modified in the Unlimtied submenu of the Dimension menu and should be always 0,25 mm. Remove Dots Before you can use this command you must add it to the Utilities menu using unlimite Add Command command in the same menu.

If the craftboard is not satisfactory, just press the Backspace key. Connected Lines Tool This tool draws lines in which the endpoint of one line segment is the beginning point of the next. Special Characters This section lists all the special characters and symbols you can use in DraftBoard Unlimited which are not directly available from the keyboard.

Such a vacuum causes an eddy as the molecules try to fill it. Modify the values for hue angle, saturation, and lightness. You must select and move the endpoints individually. To return a standard pen to its original specifications, choose a different pen style unlimiter the menu and then choose the modified pen again. The name Macro1 is displayed in the Rename field. If you want to use the Smart Wall feature for single lines, you have to create the lines with the Smart Wall tool and enter 0 for the thickness of the wall.


The Drawing Assistant thinks like a drafter; it automatically knows where you typically want construction lines and displays them temporarily when you need them.

L cos 30 Displaying the Grid When the grid is visible, objects snap to the grid spacing. In contrast to control points spline endpoints are automatically unlocked after each modification of the unlimitedd while control points remain locked until they are unlocked or another tool is selected. When you click the Apply button all selected objects in the drawing area obtain the new specifications.

New When you click this button, draftbosrd new line pattern with the name User 1 is created, that you can rename using the Rename button. Even DraftBoard offers a seamless transition from 2D to 3D, you should already know how to use the draftboadd tools and commands that are described in detail in the first part of this manual. You can specify the new pattern us- 51 Setting the Environment ing the Line editor, that you display with the Edit button.

Click the Plot button. If you want to fillet or chamfer smart walls you have to ungroup them with the Ungroup unlimoted in the Arrange menu. After you click a location, the hot spot moves to the other side of the pointer, showing that the next click places a point on the opposite edge of the circle. Since you are working in the drawing area, the Drawing Assistant helps you place the stroke precisely. The new line pattern is renamed with the name you entered into the Rename field.


Displaying dynamic construction lines with existing geometry You can have as many as eight active points; activating the ninth point in a series deactivates the first point. Any geometry on the Construction layer regardless of the pen style used is deleted by this command. The status line shows a diameter for the circle, the standard way of describing a polygon inscribed in a circle. Choose the Function [param] command from the Modules menu.

Circumscribed Polygon Tool This tool draws a regular polygon for which the radius of the circle determines the midpoint of the sides.

Arrow size The size of an arrowhead is specified in the Arrow size submenu of the Pen menu. Removing all Functions 1. In the drawing area, click the location of the point through which the construction line should pass.

To save the size of an Arrowhead permanently you must choose the Save Preferences command from the Preferences submenu of the Layout menu. We help you open your file We have a huge database of file extensions file types with detailed descriptions. Clear Using this commands moves all commands from the Menu list box to the Commands list box and removes all added commands from the Extra menu.

DraftBoard Unlimited : Reference Guide

Changing the pen color of an object without changing the color of the current pen 1. See as well under Adding Commands in this chapter. Rename Clicking the Rename button overwrites the selected macro name in the Names list box with the name you entered in the Rename field.