Instructions for programming Drayton central heating controls that may be Instructions for Drayton Programmers Drayton + RF Digistat (formerly RF1). View and Download Drayton Digistat 1 installation and operating instructions online. Drayton Digital room thermostat Installation and operating instructions. Technical Helpline: +44 (0) Installation / User Guide (09/05). User Guide. What is a room thermostat?.

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Click Here to instrucrions to the Drayton Products page. How do manufacturers like Drayton get away with producing products tha people can’t easily digistqt Save Edits Use Original Image. Can anyone help — sugarhill. Add to your favourites www. Printable Sheet and quick guide. We don’t manufacturer these products, but we do get quite a volume of requests for operating manuals to replace those that have disappeared for one reason or another.

As part of this package of care for customers and to help you in your hour of despair we have listed the various models of programmer made by Drayton along with programming instructions. We hope our efforts help.


All logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. Anyway, imstructions this helps a few more people than those who have poste here — sugarhill.

The Drayton Lifestyle Range: It is not affiliated with any of the manufacturers or service providers discussed here. Add to your favourites.

Drayton Digistat user guide help?

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Lost the instructions to your central heating programmer? David C Contact options for registered users. Visit Mobility Depot – showers, baths and mobility equipment for the disabled. Colin Contact options for registered users. We endeavour set ourselves apart from all other websites, going that extra mile by investing time to provide useful services as well as offering a vast range of products at great prices.

I’ve carried on searching Google and found the following which is a illustration of how many people have this problem with Invensys an Drayton http: I have the same problem – just moved into a house where i is installed, but no instructions Perhaps there’s consumer helpline address for Drayton?

MG Contact options for registered users. I came across them once as pdf, but it was save-disabled, and I can’t remember how to get the dam thing working again when you change the batteries: The clue that led me to this was in anothe newsgroup. Drayton LP – 7 Day Programmer. Keep me logged in. I also have an And the brochures an instructions which come up when you chase the links that people hav offered are simply no use to the consumer.



Drayton LP – 24 Hour Programmer. You’re certainly not dratton. Thanks in advance Pete — peternoorlander. Drayton LP – 7 Day Timeswitch. Drayton Digistat user guide help? Operating Instructions Installation Instructions. Setting up the RF. Instructions for Drayton Programmers. Visit Shower Right – Specialist wet room, shower pod and bathroom equipment for the able and disabled. Brochure and Data Programming Instructions.

Drayton Digistat user guide help?

Drayton Combi-Stat Room Thermostat. How frustrating does this have to be? UK power station subsidy ban.