So even if you can’t get inside the drum, there’s still a lot you can “I use a three- microphone technique on bass drum,”. Of all acoustic instruments, drums and percussion instruments seem the most elusive to capture with a compelling sound. Pop recordings are. First is the dynamic mic, which will often be used on the snare, bass drum and sometimes on the toms. A dynamic mic functions just like a.

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Graham Cochrane on February 26, at 2: What do you think of using this technique for a live show? Conversely, there are numerous ways to use ttechniques AB pair to capture a roomier, indirect sound: Will be used according to our Privacy Policy. However, the pay off for having the mic outside of the drum is more bleed from the rest of the kit and less attack than if it were placed inside.

Use this method as a starting point for tecnhiques recordings if you like. The spaced-pair arrangement has been used on most studio drum tracks from the past thirty to forty years. We used the Glyn Johns method on the drums for this project and it really worked well.

The Glyn Johns Drum Recording Method – Recording Revolution

And Page had more to do with how the drums were recorded than Johns did. He is a great player…… and Glyn Johns is an incredible engineer. The key to getting this mic in phase with your first overhead mic is to make sure that the grill of the micrphone is exactly the same distance from the center of the snare as the first overhead mic.

In this case, placing a mic in front of the drum will work, but it can lack the definition and isolation of placing a mic inside the drum as above. Rich Turgeon on September 15, at 3: Graham on October 20, at 4: Tecnniques is pretty close to how Glyn did it.


Try as producers and engineers do, you cannot defeat muking physics in the recording studio. I have book-marked it for later! I have been doing our live mix with this group for about 3 years.

So by accident, stereo drums were begat. Better mics in that price range? I dis a jiking and they only had 1 OH sampson C ThatGuy on April 10, at 9: Graham on February 2, at 4: Sample sounds great, too.

Minimal Miking Techniques

Compared to sitting in lab for four hours studying the optical properties of minerals, or discussing Lucretian theories of democracy and politics, I would dum piano any day. Multipattern LDCs provide even more options. The biggest problem is the leakage of all other instruments into the big condenser-microphones and the vocals microphones.

But if the room does sound good, M-S is a great way to combine a dry, direct sound — the Mid mic — with as much room techniquues as techniqques the rest of the production. Great post, gonna try it tomorrow! The method starts with taking your first overhead mic and placing it about 3 to 4 feet directly above the snare or middle of the kit.

Grab your kick mic and place it close to the resonant head or inside the drum.

So nice to find someone with a few genuine thoughts on this topic. The site contains a searchable archive of specifications and insider information for over microphones, both contemporary and vintage, as well as in-depth reviews, a microphone sale-price finder, and a frequency-graph overlay comparison tool.

First is the dynamic micwhich will often be used on the snare, bass drum and sometimes on the toms. If possible, I would like to hear the drums mixed in context with the rest of the instruments. This approach is more effective on smaller set-ups such as four- or five-piece kits which, with a mic.


Terrific post howeverI was wanting to know if you could technqiues a litte more on this topic?

Five Techniques for Stereo Miking Drums

This design is incredible! Posted in Uncategorized [ Extreme panning of Recorderman overhead tracks can leave a hole in the middle of the stereo field. As far as my detective work goes, he used lots of different set up to achieve the required sound so just goes to show mikin a bit of experimentation is key, but the 2 equidistant split level overheads are ddrum good start point.

When all the mics are up and mixed in correct balance, you have a total drum sound composite.

Five Techniques for Stereo Miking Drums | Shure Blog

Been loving this site, Graham. You can always compensate for offending frequencies by tweaking the placement and EQ after the fact if need be.

The key is to experiment. And like XY, it produces a relatively narrow stereo spread.

The drums, the room, the preamps, cables, and composition remained the same. Just get some booms and slide the arm until it stops tipping Reply. Of course there are always exceptions to any rule.

You can find that info here: For the widest possible stereo spread, use AB. We have recorded some full kit recording taking up most of the mixer inputs with drums 7 or 8 channels.