The DS, DSA, and DS digital thermometers provide 9, 10, 11, .. Throughout this data sheet, the term “conversion” is used to refer to the entire. The DS digital thermometer and thermostat provides 9-, , , or bit . as explained in the CONFIGURATION REGISTER section of this data sheet. DS CMOS Dual Peripheral Driver (discontinued). The DS series of dual peripheral drivers was designed be a universal set of interface components .

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In addition, the DS can function in thermostat mode – in this case, the user programs the sensor with upper and lower temperature limits and the sensor changes the state on an output pin when one of the limits is reached.

I’ve also be totally unsuccessful compiling this anywhere but in the arduino IDE. An analog-to-digital ADC converter with user-selectable precision references this sensor and converts its output to a digital word. Mysil Super Member Total Posts: I’ve tested my board with a previous controller and I know the fs1631 is working.

DS Datasheet(PDF) – National Semiconductor (TI)

Using the DS in DS applications: In the past I’ve always also put 5V on the temperature chip before it would work this was using some desktop computer software that bit-banged the serial port. Anything else I can try? Can you give me a clue as to how your hardware is wired?

This is a link to a dropbox zip file with all my attempts dropbox.

Again, just an easy demo to get connected to the DS I remember hearing that licensing issues around the I2C trademark mean that many manufacturers that produce compatible devices refrain from referring to them by that name. The serial protocol used also allows up to eight of these devices to share a single two-wire serial bus and allows the designer the freedom to place temperature sensing components at a distance from the host circuit if desired.


The device’s three address pins allow eight devices to share the same two-wire serial bus. It hangs forever while waiting for status change.

User Control Panel Log out. This sensor uses a two-wire serial interface that is funcitonally equivalent to I2C for reading and writing data. Debugging on the other hand doesn’t seem to be working, I get a “Could not acquire hardware tool communications resources: Stick d1631 the DS My original question was, “Can you tell me how you have it wired?

Yeah, using leds for debugging each step is what I usually do too My connections are standard, like this: JM, thanks for your help with this After struggling through understanding the wire.

Ds16631 point about the 7 bit address, I have fixed that, but it still doesn’t work. You should download and study the DS data sheet; it gives you all the information you need to adapt the program above. You probably want to set it up for continuous conversion mode — you don’t seem to be doing that in your code. Changing ‘status’ to volatile throws a ” illegal conversion between pointer types” warning.

I’ve been trying to get my DS to read using the code above and all I get is nonsense — negative numbers that don’t change. I also tried setting baudrate to the lowest possible, no luck Since the Arduino has the 1-Wire library and I’ve written a full-blown program see above dataeheet, I’d suggest using the DS In thermostat ss1631, the sensor is pre-programmed by the user with upper and lower temperature limits and will change the state of output pin Tout when one of these limits is reached.


Hi, Back to some basic questions: The benefit of this type of temperature sensor over others is that it directly provides a serial representation of temperature in a relatively small package size. You may set a breakpoint in the debugger inside the interrupt function to check that it get in there. The DS is I2C. You may contact me at jon. I’m just learning C, so this one is probably better it’s certainly trimmer than what I had yesterday Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

A number of associated components on the chip handle IO and sensor behavior. The DS and DSA sensor families exhibit similiar characteristics and operations but with a few differences – see the relevant datasheet for these devices for more about their operation.

Hi Mysil, thanks for the reply.

DS1631, DS1631A, DS1731 High-Precision Digital Thermometer And Thermostat

Thanks for the reply! Temperature conversion time is dependent on the resolution selected and ranges from Thanks in advance Lodo And as it’s on my desk and won’t go below zero C I’m not checking to see if the temperature is negative. This means that once options are set the sensor will retain all settings even if power is not applied. I don’t think the DS vs the DS should matter as I’ve made that switch before and they’re supposed to be pin compatible.