The DSR Integrated Receiver/Decoder from Motorola brings With advanced modulation support, the DSR supports both DVB-S QPSK and. Get Motorola DSR Weather Radio User Manual. Get all Motorola manuals!. View and Download SkyLine DSR user manual online. Satellite Receiver with CAM slot. DSR Receiver pdf manual download.

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Press the 56 buttons Press the 56 buttons to display the options: Page 23 Input FieldDefault: To view the OSD diagnostic screens, press the 56buttons on the front of thedecoder until the Diagnostic menu appears, and press the ENTER button to accessthe Diagnostic ssr6000 on the decoder. Symb FieldThis status-only field displays the symbol rate megasymbols per second of the L-bandsignal.

This menu allows the user to enter an IP gateway addressthat the Ethernet port should use. Press the4button until the cursor is at Reset will interrupt servicePress E to continue orto stopPress any arrow button to back out of the field and leave it unchanged.

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If the satellite name is null, then the satellite number is used. That option islocated in the Manual Tune menu described on page See IRD menu, Contrastfield. This menu allows the user to No picture and no signalLED indication. No LNB signalport connection. The usermay want to practice on a screen to become familiar with how the buttons work.


Unpacking The shipping carton contains the DSR, quick disconnect terminals, a power cord, and this Operator Guide. This menu allows the user to setup different trigger options for the DSR to go into an alarm condition This optionilluminates the front-panel Alarm LED and energizes the back-panel alarm relay.

Page 86 Page 87 Page 88 Sequence Dr. Press the4button until the cursoris at the ID field, then use the 56 buttons to choose a port This menu displays the Ethernet port MAC address.

DSR-6400 Commercial Integrated Receiver/Transcoder

The following message displays: Press the 56 buttons until the IP Addressmenu appears. MFrame RateThe frame rate code of the stream. Page 59 Field FieldDefault: Changing to DCII selection modePress E to continue orto stopPress any arrow button to back out of the field and leave itunchanged.

Navigating the MenusEven though the keypad options shown on the LCD screen may change for eachmenu and for each field, the control buttons basically do the same thing. Tell us about it.

Page 84 Page 85 Caring for the Environment byCaring for the Environment byRecyclingRecyclingWhen you see this symbol on a Motorola product,When you see this symbol on with residential ordo not dispose of the product a Motorola product,do not dispose of the product with residential orcommercial waste. This menu allows the userto select an active VCT, select the virtual channel, and view the name of the currenttransponder. Page of 88 Go. InputMode FieldThis read-only field indicates the incoming audio mode of the active service.


There are two choices, Field 1 or Field 2.

Page 55 Menus FieldDefault: Refer to Language Menu operation. Power Cycle reset in progress.

DSR Commercial Integrated Receiver/Transcoder | ARRIS

Format FieldThis status-only field displays the format combined or split of the L-band signal. Any such modification oralteration of this product or any unauthorized reception of televisionprogramming could subject the user and seller and party modifying thedecoder to fines, imprisonment, and civil damages. Upon exiting this submenu, the Waveform field will revert back to thedefault value Transmitted.

This menu allowsthe user to monitor the status of the current code download. Check audio language selection Press E to