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At this level of discussion, the ultimate and most desirable attribute of a personality remains authenticity, a concept synonymously associated, not without insignificant differential nuances, with notions of honesty, truth and spontaneity. It functions as a practical method based on the established laws and customs of any given people for disputing issues.

But we cannot talk about the sense of life; we are in a mystic area and we have to observe the boundaries separating the sense of new-sense or over-sense. Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private. Is rumitru rhetoric beside the axiological assumptions possible that is to say one through which we plan to evaluate the world, the others and ourselves?

We are at the borders of paradox, of a communication in non-communication.

Affective Valencies of the Homiletic Discourse

A monitoring of the role perception of the Romanian journalists is part of the international project conducted by the German scientist Hanitzsch called worlds of journalism. Some employers prefer to have former journalists in PR positions in their companies. We must not understand stilistifa, from this perspective, the role of logical-textual factors, argumentative or linguistic, is somewhat minimized, but nor they should be generalised by giving full importance in the economy of preaching.

Sheer misperception of anchoring has pushed employers and producers to promote on the screen nice-looking young people with little or no journalistic experience. James Gruning developed a theory of excellence in public relations. Focus in his research is on the interplay between meaning and knowledge as individual and collective entities.

He teaches television journalism and international relations at the University in Stilisgica since and at the Andrei Saguna University of Constanta since Implicit in all three meanings embraced stilistiac kairos is the dymitru of an individual time having a critical ordinal position set apart from its predecessors and successors. View all subjects More like this Similar Items. But they can be used equally well today, dumitruu relation with crisis communication strategy, for instance.


The bet was obviously put on the potential of cultural products built according to the logic of popular culture. Here we observe once more the poor quality which ultimately could be translated in promoting a weak and unprofessional electoral discourse.

Only further thorough, costly research can assert what is good or bad in such a paradigmatic change. The fact that the technologic instrument of discoveries — and not the scientist — holds the title of hero in irinia case of the campaign led by research institutes, is explained by the impersonal character of any irimiq, which cannot be symbolized through its celebrities, even if they are scientists.

A first and major change in the communication paradigm was the emergence of social networks that expanded at a dazzling pace, once the new digital platforms could connect anyone, anywhere.

The receiver hears, sees, feels, reacts spiritually before the whole homiletic dramaturgy of the preacher.

Medien und Transformation in Osteuropa. In which way, that is a question communication science is constantly studying. One of lrimia most ambitious communication projects of this type was developed by ESA in She is a Lecturer in English for business communication and intercultural business communication with the Department of Modern Languages and Business Communication, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest.

Tendinţe reperabile în textele unor melodii româneşti din epoca postcomunistă

To this we can very easy add the fact that the politicians themselves, in the greatest majority of situations, do not have any significant expertise or training in the field of public communication. She is the author of several articles and member of the organizing committee of three international conferences. Rhetoricians used the term hypothesis to name a specific question. The personality of the orator achieves a nex with the conceptual universe he preaches and, from this existential position, seeks to obtain the affective consensus of the others.

Conclusions The above presented results indicate that the social distance in the virtual space does not keep the models from the effective reality. The reflexivity of issuance encounters the emotional patterns typical of the addressees transitivitywhich facilitates, through the locutionary values, the affective transfer. Not only their very poor training in public communication is to blame for such a situation, but also, in a significant proportion of the cases, their poor professional and even human quality.


The weekend days, when there are many activities outside the Facebook post record a significant decrease.

Considerații privind denominația medicală

From this perspective, in case of sermon, the quality of the pastoral relation between the church orator and the receptors of his discourse plays an essential role.

A person who creates an issue wants to describe the issue so that the clash takes place at a point of advantage. It is a common practice in Romania that after some years of experience in journalism.

She has published a number of papers stguctura translation in both Serbian and English in the fields of translation theory, translation pedagogy translation and translator competence and translation criticism, as well as a book on translation of American substandard language varieties.

There is a tendency towards having better prepared PR specialists in bigger public institutions.

Figure 2 — Distribution of posts by days Dumiitru along only an aggregate indicator, we can observe a general pattern of slowly decrease of the number of posts from the beginning of the month toward the end of the month. Producers and directors did not seem to have the time or the will to coach promising beginners into becoming fully fledged professionals in two, three or even more years.

On the one hand, media change rapidly.

Structura stilistică a limbii române contemporane (Book, ) []

Zen teachings are more often encountered in short stories, haikus and dumittru than in special essays. A search for excellence, … consist less in a search for excellent management or excellent companies than in a search for attributes of excellence that can be isolated from a study of good companies is Gruning point of view Gruning The newly hired had to deliver form their first hour on the job. Commercial versus public television stations Things were a bit different for the commercial stations.