D&D. W,ZAROS OF THE COAST, Dungeon Master’s Kil, start in the relatively isolated Barony of Harken wold, a col. Monster Vault, Reavers ofHarkenwold. Find great deals for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed Reavers of Harkenwold PT 1 The Iron Circle Woc Shop with confidence on eBay!. It’s the best WotC offering to date and IMO one of the best official D&D modules of any edition. However, that’s not a very high bar for the most.

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The Iron Circle are the super-evil-bad guys who have cast down the rightful Duke. You could probably run the Keep on the Shadowfell adventure, throwing out the parts that are completely tangential.

Reavers of Harkenwold is pretty much the same thing.

dungenos I bought it some months ago but just flipped through it. Modify it, though, and it can be okay. The back story and information about all of the people and places is really well presented, and I think DMs can find a lot to make use of.

Tobold’s Blog: Review: Reavers of Harkenwold

This choice suddenly drew attention to two facts. The PCs decided to pretend that one of the PCs was the sister of a Harkenwolder who had joined the Iron Circle and died in the Battle of Albridge, and she had been sent to collect his personal effects from his barracks. The adventure is really a series vungeons non-linear small encounters — contact reaers rebellion, upset the supply lines, recruit more rebels, negotiate with the Elves, fight off goblins… etc.

Same as the old boss.

The plot is straightforward, in a good way: I removed the traps and one of the monsters from that battle and it was STILL too hard the players retreated and came back the next day with an elf ally.

Specifically, the Giant Frogs are supposed to swallow characters up to medium size and the characters are then stunned and taking damage. This product very much appears to be designed to be played “right out of the box”.


Reavers of Harkenwold

They use a good mix of opponents, sometimes putting enemies the group fought before together with new ones, which is a good design. How long that will take will depend on how much roleplaying the DM and the players like, but if you count about 2 combats per session you’d end up with about 10 sessions, which is a lot of adventure.

The Great Tower entrance K7: Liberating the underground lair for the elves D4 again: The party was escorted to the barracks in room 6, where they killed their escorts, went into the empty banquet hall room 5 and then into the kitchen room 15 where the servants tried drzgons help. As it turned out, none of the other characters in the party ever attacked the giant frogs when the characters were swallowed they were busy with the bullywugs.

Review: Reavers of Harkenwold | Online Dungeon Master

Skipping or failing too many encounters will make the end of the adventure harder, if not impossible. I got some players breathing down my neck here, dungeojs The adventure was written for levels 2 to 4… but in my own game, I stretched this content out for months on end.

Free a region of innocents from an evil outside army that has taken over. In any case you’ll end up with a style break when moving from one half of the castle to the other.

Perhaps your PCs discover that the iron circle land was controlled by an evil god who has similar plans on lots of planes, and the party has to plane-hop to find more clues, save more lands, and eventually take on the evil god itself.

The PCs fight off mercenaries plundering farmsteads. Please read my Terms of Service. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Since I had already allowed stunning, I cragons had to deal with what to do once they saved.


Review: Reavers of Harkenwold

Run by rfavers experienced DM, Reavers of Harkenwold can be an excellent adventure. If you wanted to mail-order a brick wall, the best you could hope for would be a delivery of a bag of dry mortar and a stack of bricks.

Or just the most recent victors in an ongoing political struggle between kingdoms?

Think of the Roman Legionnaires. The Battle of Albridge Nazin fled when his minions dropped, and just barely got away, even with his action point Some role-playing to visit Old Kellar in Harken to learn about the Keep, then back to Albridge to talk to Dar Dragon about plans, then back to Harken for the infiltration K1: If you plan to play this adventure as a PC and you want to be surprised, I suggest you stop reading now.

My players were a level above the recommended range for the adventure, so I mostly left the numbers alone higher-level PCs, but fewer of them than recommendedand it worked out okay. This format had its pros and cons, but hagkenwold its eventual abandonment, the format appears to have wrestled the creative juices out of the designers at the time or perhaps in spite of it. The party retreated the first time and got a Woodsinger Elf to help them the second time I made up a simple companion character E4: It is presented in two separate magazine-type books.

It was refreshing to me that the adventure had more encounters than were required — it made me feel okay about not using all of them. Or you use some dry erase map or dungeon tiles.