Buy ELEKTRONİK ELEMANLARI by Duran Leblebici (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Undergraduate. Studies Electrical Engineering, Elektronik, and Solar Energy. Papers · Duran Leblebici ELEKTRONIK ELEMANLARmore. by Birol şentürk. Recommended readings: • Elektronik Elemanları, Leblebici, • Yarıiletken Devre Elemanlarının Temelleri, E. Yang (Çeviri: Leblebici Y.),

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Mathematical models of electrical circuits elements.

ECTS Info Package

Compulsory Language of instruction: Operational amplifiers; concepts and application examples. Electronic Devices Course code: Electrostatic energy and properties of insulators. Before joining the class, the students must study given materials personally. Current and voltage equations. Identifies the different bipolar transistor amplifier configurations and analyzes these circuits.

Sources of magnetic field. Explains the operation principle of semiconductor diodes, calculates diode current. Thus you may not get any points for solutions with missing steps in calculations. Apply the mathematical, scientific and engineering knowledge for real life problems Formulate and solve engineering problems Type of Assessment Written exam.

Calculates the diffusion current in semiconductors. Effect of the temperature. Establish an effective written and oral communication in a foreign language at least at the level of B1 in European Language Portfolio. Be conscious about professional and ethical responsibility.


Semiconductor Properties calculators, graphs, general info from BYU. Also always indiate the units in your solution. Sedra and Kenneth C. Active and passive elements.

Determine, define, formulize and solve complicated Electronic and Communication Engineering problems, with this aim select and apply proper analytical methods and modelling. Two and multi-terminal elements: Most widely held works by Duran Leblebici.

You can access it using your ITU student account and password.

Elektronik devreleri by Duran Leblebici Book 4 editions published between and in Turkish and held by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. The homework which is delayed more than a week will not be accepted. Please indicate all current directions and voltage polarities on your solution sheets. Explains the operation principles and applications of semiconductor switching components such as thyristor, triac, diac etc.

Mesh current method and node voltage method. Designs the single stage bipolar transistor amplifiers.

elektroni To be successful in this course, a continuous study is recommended. Have knowledge about health, environment and safety at universal and social level in engineering fields and about juridical results of engineering resolutions.

Face to face Pre- and co-requisites: Analog electronic systems Electronic apparatus and appliances Electronic circuits Linear integrated circuits Linear integrated circuits–Design and construction Metal oxide semiconductors, Complementary Oscillators, Electric Radio circuits–Design and construction Transistors Very high speed integrated circuits.


Select elektdonik use modern techniques and equipments required for Elektronics and Communications Enginnering applications. You will be penalized for missing units.

Leblebici, Duran

Elektronik devreleri by Duran Leblebici Book 1 edition published in in Turkish and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide. For a better engagement, after the class, the students should be able to solve all the given problems, by studying together and by consulting the lecturer. Have knowledge about applications in the business life like project, risk and change mangement; consciousness about interpreneurship, innovation and continuity.

Analysis of dynamic RLC circuits: Unfortunately Semiconductor Electronics is not well covered in both of these books above. Calculates the necessary heatsink calculations for semiconductors. Simple circuit models enable a robust understanding of high-frequency design fundamentals, and SPICE simulations are used to check results and fine-tune the design.