Geometry – Networks, Crowds, and Markets – by David Easley. David Easley, Cornell University, New York, Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University, New York. This MOOC is based on an interdisciplinary Cornell University course entitled Networks, taught by professors David Easley, Jon Kleinberg, and √Čva Tardos. Time and Place: Tu,Th , Soda. Text: David Easley and Jon Kleinberg, “Networks, Crowds and Markets,” ISBN =, Cambridge.

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I have always taken an interdisciplinary approach to research and study, and this book makes it ever so clear why new areas of study, which are more integrated and cross-disciplinary, are taking place.

Vassilis rated it really liked it Dec 04, Nov 27, Dad rated it it was amazing. Nonetheless, the reader will find some interesting ideas.

I actually came to this book after reading Scale: A good read if you have to understand networks for college without all those mathematical, complicated notations.

It is fasley A solid, not terribly mathematical introduction to networks graph theorygame theory, and markets. No trivia or quizzes yet. In conclusion is a good qualitative book: Network Models of Markets with Intermediaries Strong and Weak Ties 4. Excellent book, with easily understandable introductions in the first third, college-course content in the middle third, and fascinating implications in the final third.

Over the past decade there has been a growing public fascination with the kleinbfrg connectedness of modern society. I would suggest it to anyone interested in economics, philosophy, the social sciences, or anyone who programs.


Not so good, not so bad. Jul 10, Muhammad al-Khwarizmi rated it liked it Mariets Although the advanced sections are worthwhile if you have the background for them, as they expand the content, aside from perhaps one or two of the proofs where the authors seem to have been carried away by the simple joy of the mathematics.

Course outline

Hardcoverpages. It describes the emerging field of study that is growing at the interface of these areas, addressing fundamental questions about how the social, economic, and technological worlds are connected. I started to read this with an interest of computational study of networksbut later found myself diving into a very powerful stature of concepts and a way of thinking which this book has presented. I highly recommend this book. Jul 07, Crpwds Lubinski rated it really liked it Shelves: Aug 09, Bernd rated it really liked it Shelves: As the name suggests, this book contains reasoning about how things work in a connected network from a basic ground level theme to a level sighting research interest among researchers.

Karp and Christos H.

CS Networks, Crowds, and Markets

There are a lot of easlley simplifying assumptions here, and a certain amount of dubious theory to justify models balance theory, or the tragedy of the commons, for instance. Unfortunately, there are no answers for exercises, not even for odd-numbered problems or similar.

Jan 21, Lamia rated it really liked it Shelves: The authors do a wonderful job of tying together graph theory, game theory, market dynamics, network search theory, and population dynamics with interesting examples. Refresh and try again.


CS194-21: Networks, Crowds, and Markets

It is worthwhile, though, since networks are becoming THE structural underpinning of our world. This book adresses the functional underpinnings of the now popular social networking phenomenon, and how it relates to kleeinberg behavior, trend emrgence and commerce. Networks are prima facie a more realistic setting for a lot of economic activity than the nebulous void of earlier models but this is not an advantage if no attempt to test those models is made The writing style is very good, for the most part.

There are also optional advanced slightly more mathy sections scattered throughout. It is a good intro for interdisciplinary social science undergrads to get a first introduction to graphs and how they can help understanding the world, but in my case I think I would have appreciated a higher density of concepts per line.

Markete 10, Roger K. May 02, Carly rated it it was amazing Shelves: Networks, Crowds, netwlrks Markets Instructors: Structural Models 1 week