Readers with a taste for fantasy and folklore will embrace Pattou’s (Hero’s Song) lushly rendered retelling of “East of the Sun and West of the Moon. Book Review: East by Edith Pattou. Posted on July 28, Title: East. Author: Edith Pattou. Genre: Fantasy, Retelling, Young Adult. Publisher: Harcort. Rose is the youngest of seven children, meant to replace her dead sister. Maybe because of that, she’s never really fit in. She’s always felt.

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July 6, This is by far one of the best children’s books ever written. Serena Blasco and Nancy Springer. Start reading East on your Kindle in under a minute. Rose is the youngest in her family.

Detailed Review Summary of East by Edith Pattou

I am happy to say that the book is still deserving of 5 stars in my opinion. Of course, she cares for him, but the extent of her feelings are hidden even from herself until much later in the story. Princess and Rose are too similar. The Sloan Squad S Sep 07, Steph Su rated it it was amazing Shelves: Her superstitious mother keeps the unusual circumstances of Rose’s birth a secret, hoping to prevent her adventurous daughter from leaving home It’s very unconvicing for a love story, besides lacking couple chemistry, and pretty much you may believe they’re together because conventions and the original fairy tale demand they be together.

East Book Summary and Study Guide

There are many memorable and interesting original characters here, not to mention the fact that the author manages to remove much of the stigma of the curious woman and the jealous mother that existed in the original by making the characters much more complex and forgiving.

The narration style didn’t help things. Sep 09, Camille rated it it was amazing. On top of that, it feels like borderline magical realism? Since the book had such a large scope in following different characters over an extended period of time, it read like this: In fact, Rose herself is such a remarkable heroine for the emotion she brings to this tale.


Moreover, Pattou’s rendition of it is more than satisfying, going so far as to touch upon Norse mythology and Inuit history. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? So I’m conflicted about this book.

Follow the Author

Upon finding out that there is some mysterious man sleeping with Rose at night, her mother gives her a candle and flint and tells her to use them and discover who Bear really is.

Wanting to save her family, Rose jumps at the chance for an adventure, and leaves with the bear, who erith her away to a magical castle. The author definitely did her research in telling how life was way back when; down to the details of what people wore, ate, and believed in.

This is Young Adult Fantasy. I loved this book, absolutely loved it, and I’m so glad I already have West downloaded from the library. Additionally, Rose’s book knowledge and small language knowledge comes from her mother.

To ask other readers questions about Eastplease sign up. Thank you so much, Teccc, for parting with your copy.

This wasn’t an exception, though I really liked the narrators, so it didn’t distract me as much as if could have. I can’t believe I never knew this book existed, not until I saw people talking about West.

Since Rose’s birth, her mother has always feared that Rose is destined to die in this way. Malmo tells her that far far to the north is a land that is only accessible via an ice bridge. Sep 16, Jo rated it it was amazing Shelves: Although the ultimate conclusion regarding the Troll Queen seemed to tie up a little too neatly for my tastes, overall, this novel is perfect from beginning to end. Why do we not get the view of Rose’s mother or her sister?


East by Edith Pattou

The bear takes Rose to a distant castle hidden within a mountain, where each night she is confronted with a mystery. Anyway, my opinion hasn’t changed, just my method of delivering it.

There was little to none action, for instance. I still think that this was a horrendous novel, badly plotted with shoddy characters. If you haven’t already, I’d encourage you to look into this fairy tale.

View all 10 comments. I did like this book, but when you are used pathou action-y, romance-y YA, it can be a bit too slow.

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Nothing I saw was hy in and of itself – it always felt like I was waiting for something engaging to happen. To tell any more would ruin the story! Which I was unaware of going in, and magical realism is soooo not my jam.

Ediith this book is touted as a middle grade novel no doubt due to the absence of offensive material in itI highly recommend it for all interested in fairy tales and apttou. I spent pages with her before I gave upand throug I’m going to replace that old, shitty review now, because that was enormously embarrassing to read back over. Moreover, I love that the villains of this tale are so ambiguous in their “evil” label.

This one started kind of slow, but it picked up during the latter half with her journey to “East of the Sun, West of t This is Young Adult Fantasy. It does start off credible enough, but soon becomes unbelievable. It’s a shame, really because the prose was wast fine on a sentence level – the dialogue was inconsistent in voice, but the prose itself worked pretty well for me.