All of the core classes from have their appropriate equivalents in Pathfinder. All of the core races from Pathfinder ( humans, elves, dwarves, etc) are. An unofficial conversion. Home ยท Index; Links This work assumes that you possess a copy of Eberron Campaign Setting , as well as the Pathfinder rules (most of which is available at ). Eberron material which is.

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As such, it is the GM’s responsibility to determine which prestige classes that an artificer might qualify for. The new item cannot involve any item creation feats that the original item did not use.

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This will give you a rough idea as to any excess or lack of treasure you had in 3. All of the core classes from 3. Can you cite another official Paizo source where a class, class archetype or other PC option that is based on Undead or Constructs gives Fortification? If the augmented effect s does not get triggered immediately, like in the case of an Alluring Golden Appleor the effect is sustained for a period of time, the increase to the save DC lasts for 24 hours.

I also like the concept of the Wandslinger archetype but I’m not sure it all works, since you only have 4 shots of 0 levels, which are gonna be Ray of Frost, Sonic Snap or Thunderhead, and you’re only doing d3 damage at 1st level. After all Use Magic Device checks have been made, the normal Spellcraft check to actually create the magical or psionic item still needs to be made to see if the item is successfully created. Eberron Pathfinder How would you run Eberron with Pathfinder?


So that leaves the artificer. It follows the PF “rounds per day” pattern, but it’s possible to keep it up longer by spending actions.

However, given how limited his selection is, he automatically knows all infusions on the infusion list of any level he is capable of casting. If you are using psionics in your campaign I would recommend the following.

PF Eberron Pathfinder

Lastly, when casting an infusion that would normally target a person or creature, the artificer instead targets an appropriate piece of clothing that they are wearing. This includes patjfinder a good idea of what your character was capable of in 3.

A magical item that is destroyed either by conditions or 0 hit points cannot be salvaged. Or for someone who has already done the work for you. While these rules does not give artificers a psionic power point reserve as other psionic classes get, it does mean that any infusions and class abilities that deal with spells, spell-like abilities, magical items, spell-trigger items and spell-completion items are equally effective with psionic powers, psi-like abilities, universal items, power-trigger and power-completion items.

Granted the ancient Dhakaani were still very militaristic, but eberrron were by no means hiding in hovels or living off of trash. Dragonmarks don’t look bad. This ability can used to suppress a cursed item, although removing a suppressed cursed item does not always remove the effects of the curse.

One class that has not been done officially in Pathfinder and is absolutely essential to Eberron is the Artificer.

Given the changes to magic item creation, the Artificer and Magewright and conversiin Prestige Classes, etc would need heavily revised. And most of the mechanics require only straight-forward conversion. The artificer must spend one ingenuity point per 10, gp of the intended item’s price. Added Warforged Tank feat.


For clarification, I do not claim, in any manner, shape, form or context, that I own either the Eberron campaign world, the d20 v3. This ability circumvents the normal rule that a character may not take 10 on a Use Magic Device check.

Using this ability requires a standard action that provokes and the artificer must be pahtfinder both items.

The New World, Part 9: Living Construct – Subtype. At 5th level, an artificer gains the ability to salvage the gold piece value from an enchanted item for the sole purpose to create a new enchanted item or further enchant an existing magical or psionic item.

KRyan k 28 The artificer can also create multiple magical items in single day, provided that the total gold piece value is still within his gold piece limit per day for enchanting. Kalashtar can choose alternate powers in place of mindlink.

Some of the other races introduced are likewise common tieflings, goblins, orcs, etc. Some dragonmarks have different skills to accomodate the new skill system – otherwise half of them would have Perception.

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The Case for Eberron, Itself

While they are not incredibly suited for front-line combat, given the proper time to prepare, an artificer’s infusions can easily turn the rest of the party into a tailor-made fighting force against their chosen foe. Sustainable means that, as a race, they do not need to commit crimes against other intelligent races to live, like murder and cannibalism. Added Wandslinger archetype for gunslinger s, plus Amateur Wandslinger variant feat and rules on enchanting spell trigger items as weapons.