Class lecture notes for third Year,sixth semester Computer Networks (Subject Code: EC) is available here in PDF formats for you to. In recent years, the network that is making significant impact in our day-to-day life is the Computer network. By computer network we mean an interconnected set. EC / EC62 / EC Computer Networks Complete Notes-Unit Wise ECE 6th Semester Regulation | BE Electronics and Communication.

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At the receiving machine, the headers or trailers attached to the data unit at the corresponding sending layers are removed, and actions appropriate to that layer are taken. The sender and the receiver expect confidentiality.

A brouter is a single protocol or multiprotocol router that sometimes acts as a router and sometimes acts as notfs bridge. Discuss the mode for propagating light along optical channels There are two modes for propagating light along optical channels, multimode and single mode. The control data added to the end of a data is called trailers. The transport layer is responsible form source-to-destination delivery of the entire message. What is meant by switched virtual circuit?

Newer Post Older Post Home. The primary station has the complete control of the link. We can use the shielded twisted pair cable or coaxial cable for transmission, which contains metal foil to reduce cross talk.

What are the two types of implementation formats in virtual circuits?

EC2352 Computer Networks MJ2014 Question Paper

Token ring resolves this uncertainty by requiring that stations take turns sending data. The stations are configured in 3 ways a Unbalanced configuration b Symmetrical configuration c Balanced configuration The BECN bit warns the sender of congestion in network.


What are the four aspects related to the reliable delivery of data? If the neighborhood responds to the greeting as expected, it is assumed to be alive and functioning. For each connection, ec232 user can request a particular attribute each service class is associated with a set of attributes. Write short notes on CRC.

So it is not recommended for large amounts of text.

The combining process is called concatenation. A standard provides a model or basis for development to which everyone has agreed. These functions are handled by the IEEE I frames — used to transport user data and control information relating to user data. If a frame is corrupted in transit, a NAK is returned and the frame is resent out of sequence.

The UA prepares the message, creates the envelope, and puts the message in the envelope. The three HDLC station types are: Means that 2 or more bits in the data unit have changed from 1 to 0 or from 0 to 1. What are header and trailers and how do they get added and removed?

Calculating the cipher text using the long keys takes a lot of time. The MTA transfers the mail across the Internet. Here a sequence of redundant bits, called the CRC remainder is appended to the end of data unit. What is meant by segmentation?

The combined station is one which acts either as a primary or a Secondary, depending upon the nature and direction of the transmission. Domain name space is divided into three different sections: Permanent virtual circuits are comparable to leased lines in circuit switching. The mechanism that coordinates this rotation is called neyworks passing. nefworks


EC – Computer Networks Important Questions | JPR Notes

What is mean by data communication? What are the functions of a DTE? A token is passed among stations. It is a system for sending messages to other computer users based on e- mail addresses. The documents in the WWW can be grouped into three broad categories: The client has three components: How the routers get the information about neighbor? A character level encryption in which each character is replaced by another character in the set.

Fixed-content documents that are created and stored in a server.

EC Computer Networks MJ Question Paper | Knowledge Adda

The control connection uses very simple rules of communication. What are headers and trailers and how do they get added and removed? Data terminal equipment is a device that is an information source or an information sink.

Piggy backing means combining data to sent and acknowledgement computet the frame received in one single frame.

All the devices share ec352 link equally. What is meant by brouter? Routers relay packets among multiple interconnected networks. List the various ways of station configuration.