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CONTENTS. Service Manual ECG C Contents The CE mark is applied only to the ECGL/M/N Electrocardiograph. This equipment complies. Service Manual ECG Composition. · To order a replacement assembly above, use the Code No. · To order a replacement component inside an. View Homework Help – Nihon_Koden_Cardiofax_ECG_-_Repair_manual from BA at Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City. ECGL.

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Use only the SBD battery pack. Faulty patient cable connection. Motor gear is lubricated properly. The larger quantity you buy, the better price will be. Remove the thermal head unit from the lower casing.

Power cord, patient cable are not frayed and are correctly connected to the instrument. Remove the two M3 pan screws with spring washers which fasten ceg motor sensor board to the motor assy and remove the motor sensor board. Turn the power eg and wait 10 minutes before installing to or removing any component from the instrument.

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The ECG control board is faulty. If any noise is superimposed on the waveforms, find If no noise is superimposed on the waveform, replace the 22 27 The entered information does not match the data in the flash memory.

  BS EN 60947-1 PDF

All settings are correct. Class I Battery power: QRS sync mark is displayed and heart rate sync sound generates. If none of the actions solve the problem, contact your nearest Nihon Kohden dealer.

Before maintenance cleaning, disinfectionmake sure scg the cardiograph is turned off and the power cord is removed from the AC outlet and cardiograph. Possible Source of Problem Corrective Action The thermal head recording resolution is not set correctly. Battery charge lamp lights when the AC power is supplied.

Patient leakage current check? Otherwise sudden power down occurs when any electrode is detached during recording.

Check Procedure for Calibration Waveforms Check that all the rectangular printed CAL waveforms match the following conditions in the illustration below: The cardiograph provides automatic ECG analysis function.

Remove the ECG control board. Paper is fed correctly no skewing or jam.

Failure to follow this caution may cause electrical shock to the patient and operator. No ECG waveform appears in a specific lead or artifact appears 9602l the waveform.

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Replace the battery fuses with a new one. Turn the power of the instrument off to exit the System Setup mode. Make sure that the recording paper is aligned with the lower recording paper guide. Troubleshooting Flowchart Use the troubleshooting flowchart to find the possible sources of a problem.



The following is an example printout of the input unit test result when the R RA lead is disconnected. Do not charge the deteriorated battery pack.

Also, never use a styrene foam or plastic bag which generates static electricity to wrap the board or unit of the instrument. Input check jig 3. We do not support component level repair outside the factory for the scg reasons: No interrupt signal of ms. Liquid ingress The instrument is not waterproof, so do not install the instrument where water or liquid can get into or fall on the instrument. Remove the power board from the lower casing. Never store or carry the battery pack with metal such as necklace or hair pins.

Effect rcg direct or indirect electrostatic discharge: The date and time is reset to January 1, Yes The key board is faulty. Not suitable eg use in the presence of a flammable anaesthetic mixture with air, oxygen or nitrous oxide Mode of operation: