Eder Chiodetto has a Masters in Communication and Arts from the University of Sao Paulo (USP). He is an independent curator of photography and video. Eder Chiodetto. The Brazilian nation arose based on a complex blend of peoples and cultures. Due to historical circumstances, every Brazilian is a multifaceted. 6 results for Books: “Eder Chiodetto”. Product Details German Lorca (Em Portugues do Brasil). Jan 1, by Eder Chiodetto (Org.).

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I walked all km in 37 days and when I got back I was deeply changed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Some of the pilgrims believed that Juazeiro is the New Jerusalem and that the world will end there. After that I gave it up.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I have photographs proving it. While others used to study m ath, I was studying arts.

Eder Chiodetto | THE FENCE –

The inter-religious discourse and its risks are part of my work. That was just fantastic; it got stuck in my mind. It is only over chiodettk their clothes are completely red with blood.

There is a group in Sergipe that was the only one to wear a crown of thorns. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I have videos, audios, chiodetto, original shrouds from the Penitents, as well as photographs. This is something I still shoot: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The Penitents are my most extensive research subject.


Evolving to the point where object becomes subject, demolishing frontiers between the artist and the theme. For that, the act of photography leaves choidetto door to chance consciously open. In a vertiginous flow, the light, color, texture and movement becomes an emphatic representation of the Divine, the Transcendent. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Eder Chiodetto (@ederchiodetto) • Instagram photos and videos

Later I was influenced by an uncle who lives in Rio, Andre Costa dos Santos, who had a manual camera and taught me how to use it. The idea of having the keyword trance for our edition came to me after realizing how the devotees from the most varied religions search for ways to transcend reality.

Religion, from this point of view, would serve as a refuge, a chiodstto place of gathering and comfort. Religion first, art second for this is something that keeps me going, enjoying life and believing that the next day will be a better one.

They use the whip which is made at least in Cariri from deer leather with pieces of machetes cut at the edge.

The souls are hungry and their food is prayer. So, after a lot of negotiation with people from Sergipe including the teacher Maurelina dos Santos I received permission to photograph them. The first individual exhibition was not until 10 years later.

A chiiodetto of blood came out of her back.

I still have some of these paintings from that time. It is an immaterial culture that is fading away slowly. That was when I took this theme for myself and which I may take for the rest of my life. I start to get closer to people, I photograph them from 1 chiocetto distance.


Eder Chiodetto

I sing in Yoruba and Banto the few songs I know. The next day I visited her and her wounds were completely dry. The next year I went to their homes, which are also blue and that made me interested in this theme, the one I follow until today: And that is the research I enjoy greatly, also the transcendence which is far greater. I have pictures of that time, since Today I am a photographer and have left all the rest behind. The rituals are similar all over the country, including their songs.

The Penitents have the history that has touched me the most: Livro da editora Ipsis. They give me knowledge. That woke me aesthetically for they wear blue robes with crosses painted on the back, carrying small flags. I guess one of the reasons was to escape a little from the formality of law school. Yet, what I photograph helps me in another way.

The Penitent hierarchy is very powerful and respected. My research on the Penitents is going to be over one day.