“Eigenbeleg”. You need to inform the tax office (“Finanzamt”) about the fee as part of your earnings (“Einnahmen”) when submitting your tax declaration. Steuerbelege verloren – mit Eigenbeleg & Co Sanktionen vermeiden statt oder hakt der Sachbearbeiter im Finanzamt bei einem Ausgabenposten in der. Tuesday, 31 July Site Map · Privacy Policy · Terms & Conditions · Contact Us · My Account · facebook20 · twitter20 · web-logo.

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Questions about Taxes and Frozen accounts. – Finance – Toytown Germany

And if yes, where it supposed to be filled out on the Anlage Vorsorgeaufwand I can only guess it is between line 18 – If it was just one cent more than that you will have to pay back the Kindergeld!

As long as there is no arrest warrant you can travel any time. I’m not sure what to do here The problem is that he hasn’t submitted a tax return like I told him to, he has just filled in some questionnaires that are sent out automatically by the Finanzamt in the case of the sale of real estate, and which are meant to jar people into action to submit the tax return.

Can’t you borrow the money and pay the asked amount ASAP, i. If so, what proof is required for something like that?

Tax on house sales (capital gains)

Use the exchange rates for each month it happened, from here: Since you’re self-employed the Finanzamt can come along at any point of time within the next 10 years and audit all your invoices, bank statements, etc. Posted 26 Jan What they won’t do though is return any of the excessively retained income that Germany taxed at the source.


You are supposed to do it by My present residence permit is valid till Jan Just be sure to make a copy of all documents before you hand them in at the Finanzamt and of your filled in tax forms. Would that be all right, or would it raise eyebrows down at the Finanzamt? Do I just omit these eigenbeoeg the calculation, since I don’t have the receipts, or should I enter on the form an estimate or a lower limit for the costs and indicate that the figure is an estimate and is approximate?

Sign In Sign Up. There’s no mention of additional costs all the renovation work I’ve paid for over the last years, or the costs I’ve incurred travelling to Germany and staying in a guesthouse eigwnbeleg work on the place. The “tax-saving statement” you can enter twice the amount in the table “Other costs”.

But don’t forget the first finanzmt Please see here for a non-comprehensive list of things that are considered part of the “extraordinary burden”. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Sign up for a new account in our community. Now the gray area is clear for me.

My company arranged for my family health insurance India and deducted amount from my German salary. And I will be in a remiss if i do not ask few questions on my own I told you back on 5th August that you have to do a tax returnwhich is comprised of these 2 forms:.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. You never said anything about a garden.


Eihenbeleg have bought these household items before my wife move to Germany. As you indicated, I guess it valid to claim.

Filing a tax return – help on how to file – Page 36 – Finance – Toytown Germany

If you are asking because of supporting a needy parent Anlage Unterhaltfor that they don’t have such an excess rule. Posted 9 May Transfer of allowances Kinderfreibetrag and Ausbildungsfreibetrag to somebody else: I read in one thread it is valid only if is paid to blood relatives. Also I have paid for visa extension fee for me and my family. One final quick question: Before going to any one, I want to get clarity on some of my situations as my family my wife and kid moved to Germany In August I also attached the Rental agremment Notarized and translated by local indian translation serviceMy Mietevetrag,fathers bank accounts statments, we also stated that the parents eigebneleg illeterate and not wealthy enough to work any more.

I have important business in US in March, so as long as I file my taxes before then will I be fine to travel? Posted 16 Dec They will have a look at them and once they have processed your tax return, send all the original invoices and documents back to you by snail mail.

My country of tax residency for wants the Bescheid to issue their equivalent of the Bescheid I eigenbelwg submitted the taxes there, as the deadline was end of April. Maximum allowed for costs: