The Witness, Juan José Saer (trans. El entenado, also meaning bastard or stepson) of the Spanish ports, an urchin with no one to stop him. El entenado de Juan José Saer this paper approaches the narrative speech of El entenado by the Argentinian novelist Juan Jose Saer () from the. El Entenado by Juan José Saer, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The Witness

So far in attempting this challenge, the books I liked the least were the historical novels in translation so I took quite a deep breath for this one but it turns out that The Witness is pretty good and different as well. And that morning I learned from the battered man, now scarcely breathing, that virtue cannot save us from the surrounding blackness. The tribe eats the slaughtered Spaniards with terrifying and minutely depicted gusto, has a graphically and intimately illustrated orgy, and falls into a sullen sleep.

He is taken to Europe and taught to read and write.

Conrad jolts us into judgment—is Jim a good man? Bien mirado, todo es recuerdo. Pero lo que el narrador nos revela o inventa no son las cosas o rituales extranjeros sino el pensamiento extranjero, o sea, el del Otro.

What follows is a strange orgy in which the Indians go at one another, irrespective of age or kinship. For him they were tools which could be used to grasp and manipulate the incandescent world of the senses; for me, fascinated as I was by the contingent, it was like going out nose hunt a beast that had already devoured me. Mar 21, El Buscalibros elbuscalibros. In sixteenth-century Spain, a cabin boy sets sail on a ship bound for the New World. At one point he s The narrator and the dead crew is brought back into the tribe and stays there for ten years the crew So far in dw this challenge, the books I liked the least were the historical novels in translation so I took quite a deep breath for this one but it turns out that The Witness is pretty good and different as well.


Two notable quotes from this book there are several: Very vivid imagery in the first half but he really screwed it up in the second. The Europeans find him, now bearded and unable to speak Spanish, though they do get enough out of him to locate the tribe and massacre it.

El Entenado : Juan José Saer :

Though The Witness never truly gives the reader solid ground to work from, it is in this repulsion that it really finds a way to take the floor out from under you. A man writes about his experiences as a much younger man in South America in the 16th century, it’s only a sghort book and a little strange but compelling anyway. And so it is with Saer:.

The hangover lasts for a surprisingly long time, but after it has cleared our narrator finds the tribe to be practically obsessive in its routines and prohibitions of politesse.

Our lives are lived in a place of terrible indifference which recognizes neither virtue nor vice and annihilates us all without compunction, without apportioning good or evil.


Published June 1st by Serpent’s Tail first published Rayos globulares 2 books. While the authors ideas are provocative, his expression of the transient existence of the indigenous peoples of the Americas becomes heavy handed and entfnado. When they ds at a village in the interior, the bodies of the Spanish are butchered and eaten, while the narrator watches in horror. In many cases, a penetrating skepticism seeps into his novels at just these moments. This is a must read.

So sure it’s jua symbolic in a way, it all serves a purpose and yes, good literature sometimes will make your stomach turn. As I said, it makes a lasting impression. In the 16th century, an unnamed year-old cabin boy is saved by savages who attack a Spanish landing party and kill everyone but him.

It is a pity it is not several hundred pages longer: When it comes to Latin American fiction, U. This realization nevertheless does not diminish the force with which Saer has pushed us to this moment of decision. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Nuan libro no puede ser tan bueno.

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