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El Librero De Kabul by Asne Seierstad Marcelo Covián FASCE Sara Hoyrup

Booksellers and bookselling — Afghanistan — Kabul — Spanish language materials. I do not recommend this to any reader. The stories she tells are claustrophobic. After the civil war broke out more and more women had to cover up. I really value Seierstad’s way of storytelling, her images of women living inside the burka who move like fluttering wings of giant birds when they walk through the market, covered in individual kabil and wrapped in their own quickened breath.

It is brutal at times, heavily restricting women in what they can do, say and achieve in society, librerp well as having tribal fighting, harsh justice, precious little infrastructure and at times no hope.

Delivering pizzas in Germany is far more lucrative than working as a flight engineer [in Afghanistan] p58 Seierstad, a Norwegian journalist, stayed as a guest of the bookseller of Kabul of rl title shortly after the fall of the Taliban.

Jun 11, Em rated it did not like it. When she goes into the head of the characters and explores their thoughts and feelings you know that she must be taking liberties.

El librero de Kabul

No wonder Leftists and Islamo-Fascists love each other so much. He was an ambitious and energetic man, libredo depending on your perspective – simply an overbearing patriarch. CdC – Gruppo di l The women want education and a job, the children want to play, young men and women of the country want to fall in love in spite of knowing the dire consequences, and Sultan Khan wants to contribute towards building a better and liberal Afghanistan, a country which he can boast of to librdro world.


One mustn’t appear too eager after-all. Afghanistan was a great, progressive and vibrant country during the reign of King Zahir Shah who was overthrown by Mohammed Daoud Khan in after which followed 5 years of instability and then the sheer hell of Communist repression followed shortly thereafter by the Taliban’s reign of terror.

He suffered watching illiterate Taliban thugs burn piles of his books in the streets of Kabul, so he hid them. A behind-the-veil and an honest story of a bookseller and his family in Kabul.

Really love this book. I guess I kinda liked it–but somewhat grudgingly. She spoke sardonically of situations that held little humour. I stopped reading this book about one third of the way. The fact is, she lived in Afghanistan and managed not to get killed, raped, sold, or go stark raving mad. This book shows the lives of different members in his family and how they are dependent on him. I would very much like to believe, like other reviewers do, that she can’t possibly know all the things she claims to know, because why would people confide in a foreigner like this, why do all these people speak English?

There’s also the question of privacy: The social releases limited to quail fighting and watching buzkashi fights – something rather like polo, except with a headless calf rather than a ball. KabulAfghanistan. The result is a genuinely gripping and moving portrait of a family, and a clear-eyed assessment of a country struggling to free itself from history.


And doing so without acknowledging that you write from the Pov of one unknowing foreigner is misleading too. The book didn’t flow very well either. I think that even in the worst of scenarios, which the Khan family did not represent, there could be some light shed, but she just made the whole story dismal and lacking any connection to a future ambition for the country, like she was just telling a tragedy and leaving.

I felt so sorry for the women of Afghanistan. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

El librero de Kabul : Asne Seierstad :

One would naively expect a story of a bookseller, possibly under the Taliban regime to add some literary drama to half-expected romanticism and martyrdombut what we get instead is a total confusion over values and priorities of this book lover, history enthusiast, art admirer and culture defender who stands up to stupidity of various ignorants and self-styled chiefs but also turns out to be a cold businessman and patriarchal tyrant with a quasi-misogynistic attitude, which causes a certain confusion in the Western mind, torn between respect for different cultures and disagreement for injustice.

It is precisely for this reason that they deserve a better journalistic treatment than the one given by Seierstad. I kavul for a fact that people in my culture have gotten used to murders and negligence of human rights, but libgero a couple were caught kissing in public, as it were the very fabric of society would be shred to smithereens.