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To establish this criterion, place your thumb against your cheek. Place your lightly curved fingers at six o’clock on your imaginary clock, and push the skin around the face of the clock for one and a quarter circles. Opportunities to Learn Tellington TTouch! Why TTouch for Your Horse? Experiment with the pressure until you click into the one that is “right” for the animal you are working on.

Why TTouch® for Your Animal? – Tellington TTouch Training™

You can build communication, trust, respect and most importantly, JOY with your animal. Larger or heavily muscled animals may be more responsive to the deeper pressures, but not always. Shop the TTouch Online Store! These respectful and meaningful interactions are full of intent, cooperation, discovery, partnership, and magic. Tellington TTouch can help you understand and influence your animal with your heart and hands in a way that develops trust, creates a harmonious relationship, and changes unwanted behavior.

This is what we call a “one pressure” TTouch.

The intent of the TTouch is to activate the function of the cells and awaken cellular intelligence – a little hellington-ttouch “turning on the electric lights of tellingtoj-ttouch body. From these spring the activation of the body’s cells and the enhancement of the body’s and mind’s innate ability to heal. The Tellington TTouch can help in cases of: Getting in TTouch with Your Dog book.

Maintain a steady rhythm and constant pressure around the circle and a quarter, whether the TTouch is tellington-ttouvh or firm, pay particular attention to the roundness of the circles. See a complete list of Upcoming Trainings for HorsesCompanion Animalsand Humansor register onlineor call our office at TTouch The Tellington TTouch is a specialized approach to the care and training of our animal companions.


How to Do the TTouch® – Tellington TTouch Training™

As you become familiar with the metdoo TTouches, you will intuitively know which to use. Our Practitioners are graduates of a two year Certification Program. Join us for the annual Hawaiian Get-Away!

Tellington TTouch Training is about a world of possibilities. The Tellington TTouch Method for your horse. The four components of Tellington TTouch Training — body work, ground tfllington-ttouch, equipment and envisioning the highest thought of how we want our animals to be — become our guided pathway. TTouch – the Tellington TTouch – is a method based on circular movements of the fingers and hands all over the body.

Unleash Your Dog’s Potential video. Why TTouch for Your Dog? Small creatures call only for the lightest pressures.


Announcing the Next Training. By placing your free hand in a supporting position and making a connection between your two hands, this will keep the animal in balance and enhance the effect of the TTouch. TTouch ‘Positively Accepted’ by Saddle Horses — Italian researchers suggest that horses might like the Tellington method even more than massage!

This gentle method is currently being used by animal owners, trainers, breeders, veterinarians, zoo personnel tellington-rtouch shelter workers in several countries. The Tellington TTouch Method for your companion animal – your dog, cat, bunny, pocket pet and more!

Visit TTouch online Worldwide: We rarely use more than a “six pressure” on dogs and cats. There are numerous possibilities for trainings, demonstrations and workshops. Dogs Horses Cats Humans. A unique quality of TTEAM and TTouch allows anyone, regardless or her or his experience, to apply the techniques to any breed of horse, to all disciplines of riding and to all other species of animals.


Within the contents of the journey lies a sweet mystery that is intriguing and richly productive. Most of the time, clockwise circles are the most effective mefodo strengthening and rehabilitating the body, as well as improving self-confidence and performance. TTouch – the Tellington TTouch – is a specialized approach to the care and training of our animal companions. Find a Practitioner Near You! It also helps establish a deeper rapport between humans and animals through increased understanding and more effective communication.

Make sure you move the skin, not just sliding over it. The animal can then more easily learn new and more appropriate behaviors. You can also learn how to apply the Tellington TTouch to assist with recovery from illness or injury, or just enhance the quality of your animal’s life. On horses and humanswe occasionally go as high as nine. If your animal friend is not comfortable with one TTouch, choose another. This allows the animal to be handled without provoking typical fear responses.

Why TTouch for You?

Opportunities to Learn Tellington TTouch! Observe how little of an indentation you make in the metoso. The foundation of the TTouch method is based on circular movements of the fingers and hands all over the body. To learn the scale, begin with the “one pressure” as a guideline.

Therefore it is not necessary to understand anatomy to be successful in speeding up the healing of tellington-ttouh or ailments, or changing undesirable habits or behavior.