Oleg Jefimenko Electrostatic Motors FULL BOOK 75p – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Electrostatic. OLEG D. JEFIMENKO West Virginia University. Electrostatic M o t o r s. Their History, Types, and Principles of Operation —. With many illustrations, of which power electrostatic motors can transfer to demonstrate their usefulness and utilize the by Professor Oleg D. Jefimenko and graduate students in the ‘s.

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Franklin was incredibly lucky to have survived his celebrated kite experiment.

As it passed this second jar, a spark jumped again, depositing a new charge, and the whole repulsion-attraction cycle began again. What can I say? The rotor must be balanced both statically and dynamically.

Although a foot vertical antenna can be handled safely in fair weather, it can pick up a lethal charge during thunderstorms.

This allows for fine adjustment and alignment. The working surface of jefkmenko rotors should be made of a fairly thin plastic, such as Plexiglas or Mylar. At the University of West Virgina we saw a laboratory full of such exotic devices spinning, humming, and buzzing away like a swarm of bees. The sharp-pointed or knife-edge electrodes create a corona, which ionizes or charges the air particles floating by.

It represents a physical approach profoundly different from motosr time-space geometry approach of the Einstein general theory of relativity. A meteorological hypothesis is that the field is maintained largely by thunderstorms, which pump electrons out of the air and inject them into the earth elecgrostatic bolts of lightning that continuously strike the surface at an average rate of strokes per second.

Oleg D. Jefimenko – Wikipedia

It was a great feeling. When the machine operated from a source of from 8, to 13, volts, rotational speeds of up to 12, revolutions per minute were measured. This might also be called a gravimagnetic field. Jefimenko and his graduate students at West Virginia University.


You can power your motors with a laboratory high-voltage supply, a Van de Graff generator, or a Wimhurst machine or any other high-voltage source. Drill and tap the acrylic jeifmenko assemble parts with machine screws.

It operates at speeds of up electdostatic 12, jefimenkl per minute at an efficiency of substantially more than 50 percent. Jefimenko’s expansion, or generalization, is based on the existence of the second gravitational force field, the ” cogravitationalor Heaviside’s field “.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Thereafter a spark would jump from the high-voltage terminal to each passing thimble and impart to it a charge of the same polarity as that of the terminal. A galvanometer hooked to the plates jumped sharply. As a thimble passed close to a jar, a spark leaped from knob to thimble.

Franklin was not altogether happy with his motor. We drilled slightly oversized holes in the corners of one side piece and carefully adjusted until the rotor was turning true electroatatic the slot. The brushes are one-millimeter strips of kitchen aluminum foil. He stuck the device outside and flipped it degrees. The effect, which is variously known as St. This motor consisted of a plastic disk about three millimeters thick and 40 millimeters in diameter supported in the horizontal plane by a slender shaft that turned in jeweled bearings.

The upper end of the tinsel was hoisted aloft by a cluster of three weather balloons. The jefimeko antenna wire can hold enough charge to give a substantial jolt, even during fair weather. Such balloons, each three feet in diameter, and the helium to inflate them are available from the Edmund Scientific Co.


The tinsel functioned as multiple needle points.

This rotor is sandwiched between four semicircular sectors that are cross-connected [ see illustration ]. At an altitude of meters the antenna should pick up some 20, volts.

Oleg D. Jefimenko

Never fly the balloon in a city or in any other location where the antenna can drift into contact with a high-voltage power line. Jefimenko received his B. Inthe German physicist J. Although it varies widely, strength of the field averages volts per meter.

When the charged section of the rotor reaches the opposite electrode, another corona discharge reverses the polarity and starts the whole thing over again. During local thunderstorms the pickup can amount to thousands of volts per foot. Both surfaces of mptors disk were coated with a film of gold, except for a boundary around the edge.

Jefimenko’s Electrostatic Motors & Heaviside’s Gravitational EM Analogy

The current was flowing from the generator through the air to where it was being picked up by the antenna. Unshielded electrets attract neutralizing ions from the air and lose their charge within hours or days. Although its measured efficiency is better than 50 percent, Poggendorff regarded it merely as an apparatus for investigating electrical phenomena.

The resulting asymmetrical force made the motor self-starting and unidirectional. The forces were also steadier, because in effect the distances between the combs and the charged areas remained constant.