Hexadoku June Summer is upon us and you should admit to having a bunch of outdoor activities to attend to besides working on your electronics projects. Elektor 1/ Elektor 1/ ยท Elektor Industry 6/ Elektor Industry ElektorLabs 6/ Year, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec. for you. Initially designed for the Elektor Sceptre ARM7 board it can be used with any MCU. in Elektor magazine | June | Find it here.

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Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! I lost most of my collection to water damage when I last moved so this is so appreciated. Elektor Magazine Item Preview. In this situation, the USB port can provide all the power. Now I can access them again on-line – how good is that? The level shifter used comes from a Philips or NXP application note. During application development, the Sceptre will be connected to a computer via a USB cable connected either directly to the Sceptre, or via the InterSceptre.

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In this way, it is possible to connect a 3. TV Elektor Ethics Back to top. Like the Sceptre, InterSceptre is also an open-source, open hardware project. This will save you a bit of money. Note that it is highly inadvisable to hot connect or disconnect equipment to this port. So what has InterSceptre got to elfktor So take care how you fit the regulator!


The chip itself adds the missing four MSBs, hence its address is xxx, where xxx represents the position of the three switches 0x20 to 0x27 in hex. The Internet module is powered from 3. Thank you Thank you so much, it was a fantastic job. Each of the signals is protected by a small current-limiting elekgor.

In any case, there are very elekgor applications that would require everything to be used at once.

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Given that the InterSceptre can operate from 3. Even though the Sceptre offers lots of peripherals, it only has fifty pins, which means that certain functions are elektof to share pins.

The gain is adjusted using turn presets.

Not all of the information is current. If unity gain is all you need, you can omit these and connect the inverting inputs directly to the outputs.

For microcontrollers with more UARTs, the ports are available to them. Follow project Add a comment.

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Given the number of ports implemented, the circuit is pretty huge, but easy enough to follow. I collected Elektor for nearly 20 years but sadly I had to give them away due to space limitations. This can be handy where the Sceptre is being powered from a battery. Framan – favorite favorite favorite favorite elektod – September 9, Subject: The other e,ektor D2, D5, and the other D2 in the Sceptre take care of the rest.

Thanks for the effort it took to get this all together.


Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The shells fix together using a pair of screws. The InterSceptre PCB has been designed to fit into a case 20110, in addition to providing protection, also lets you use the unit directly within a final application without its looking like a bodge.

The InterSceptre operates from 3.

The gain of the output stages is adjustable a bit too much, really, for reasons of simplicity and they are powered from 5 V, at all times, which means a 3. So below you can find the Eagle files for the circuit diagram and PCB, the components list. Topics ElektorMagazineCollection. Two other switches offer the possibility of connecting terminating resistors if needed. All this on a PCB that fits exactly into an attractive, Italian-designed case measuring 18 x 20 x 5.

For software please refer to the Sceptre page. Not to worry even if the switches have been set to the 3. But the information and the descriptions of the circuits and how they function are a very practical way to see elrktor real world of electronics after learning from the textbooks.

Power supply and battery During application development, the Sceptre will be connected to a computer via a USB cable connected elektot directly to the Sceptre, or via the InterSceptre.