Empire of Capital [Ellen Meiksins Wood] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Capitalism makes possible a new form of domination by purely. Wood, a professor at York University in Toronto and an orthodox economic determinist, argues that the source of an empire’s wealth drives its military. Empire of Capital has ratings and 6 reviews. Andy said: Another great work by Wood. Part economic history, part contemporary political economy. An im.

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Wood conducts a qualitative analysis, which takes a historical perspective to prove her thesis. Ana rated it really liked it Jan 29, About Empire of Capital Capitalism makes possible a new form of domination by purely economic means, argues Ellen Meiksins Wood. Readers who make it past the musty jargon of academic Marxism that announces itself in the introduction will proceed to a thought-provoking genealogy of empires throughout history. Any other coaching guidance?

Symposium on Ellen Meiksins Wood’s Empire of Capital: Editorial Introduction

Read it Forward Read it first. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Wood presents a thought-provoking interpretation of the nature of the woov US hegemony in light of a selection of earlier empires from the Arab Muslim Empire to Roman Empire and from Italian city-states to the British Empire, distinguishing the meiksine capitalist imperialism from the earlier forms of imperialism based on direct political and military coercion and the extraction of profit through simple expropriation or trade.

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Jun 11, Samir Salifou rated it liked it. Editorial Introduction meiksinx Historical Materialism. To ask other readers questions about Empire of Capitalplease sign up. Yet, as Wood powerfully demonstrates, the economic empire of capital has also created a new unlimited militarism. Andrew Liu rated it really liked it Dec 06, Allison rated it really liked it Jan 27, Login with your Institution. Part economic history, part contemporary political economy.



Blood of the Liberals. Jake rated it really liked it Apr 20, The book culminates with a study of what Wood describes as the “new imperialism we call globalization. She discusses how their empires were structured around military conquest.

Litro rated it really liked it Dec 30, See all books by Ellen Meiksins Wood. Wood received a B.

Empire of Capital by Ellen Meiksins Wood | : Books

With the United States as the central power of this “new imperialism”, the world is being ordered to serve the needs of capital. Darren Poynton rated it it was amazing Feb 05, Despite the weaknesses, the book is recommendable, not only for the easy accessibility of its historical narrative, but particularly so for Wood’s forceful grounding of the current war on terror to the US-led project of global economic integration. If you had a personal account on meuksins old platform, click here.

The Day After the Revolution. Access content through your institution.

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Kalle Vaarala rated it really liked it Dec 26, Refresh and try again. Jerod Ra’Del rated it liked it Aug 14, Another great work by Wood.

Books of the Week. This essay seeks to locate her analysis of imperialism both in the wider political context within which it was written and as an example of the fecundity of her re-interpretation of historical materialism. Especially think she makes a great argument about the continuing importance of nation states as a response to those who say they are less important.

Cracking the AP U. How to define the current order of the world, characterised by competing sovereign states, fast cross-border flows of trade and investments, and the overwhelming military dominance of one nation-state committed to an open-ended warfare without any restrictions in space and time? After outlining the main themes of Wood’s ‘political-Marxist’ project, I move on to overview the thesis of her book Empire of Capital before finally pointing to the main themes of the ensuing debate.


Concise, readable and persuasive analysis tracing the evolution of imperalist projects through pre- and early capitalist forms through to today’s globalised ‘Empire of Capital’ sustained, she argues, by the US-led permanent ‘state of war’ without limit in space and time.

While her need to classify empires into different categories feels like a rather needless and contrived exercise at times, Wood’s historical analysis of the operation of past empires offers many illuminating analogies with the current era of transnational corporations, finance and global governance.

The Point of It All. Capitalism makes possible a new form of domination by purely economic means, argues Ellen Meiksins Wood. Rather than defining capitalism as a culturally-specific and evolving practice of human agency which necessarily transforms in conjuction with political, economic and cultural changes, Wood rigidly sticks with a less-satisfying transhistorical conceptualisation.

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Empire of Capital by Ellen Meiksins Wood

About Ellen Meiksins Wood. Dllen analysis wood short and pithy, but the book’s convincingness suffers from a needless repetition of its basic arguments, as well as from Wood’s Marxist tendency to attribute capitalism with historical agency and a universal, transhistorical logic of operation.

Blood in the Water. Librarian administrators click here. Francesca rated it it was amazing Mar 16, We Were Eight Years in Power. Balancing such interpretation with the recognition of certain national or imperial interests, which at times may override the “pure” economic imperatives, serves only to confuse the overall argument.

Wood believes that the inevitable end of a system of universal capitalism is a system of universal war, which is acpital she sees the new doctrine put forth by the Bush administration in the name of fighting terrorism. Please try again later.