Elohim of Emanation Attunement by Mariah Windsong Couture. $ only. Here, in Elohim of Emanation™ you receive an empowerment that provides you. You can ALL be attuned to the Elohim attunement. You need a strong belief in your rise up to Christ Consciousness, and a belief that you have much to share. This course and attunement connects you to the purification energy of the Goddess The attunements are connected to each of the 7 Elohim and their Female.

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Gradually build up the amount of time and never force anything. Close your eyes and follow the natural flow of your breath for a moment or two, as you calm down and settle into the stillness.

Becoming An Arcturian Channel mp3s

Your browser does not support the audio element. As I experienced the sound healing, I could feel each chakra open and balance.

We will release and transmute those obstacles into the Light and allow the Divine Light of the Elohim support us to manifest that which serves us in our Ascension process. Attunemeht continues 9 levels into the Earth connecting all the way to the Earth Seraphim.

Becoming An Arcturian Channel mp3s. The third transmission builds the lower cord of energy or Dragon energy that starts from your root chakra, goes between your legs, and then atutnement into the ground.

Stretch your limbs, take a deep breath, open your eyes and go about your day carrying within you this attunement with the Divine. The activation of the 4 transmissions is encapsulated in the quantum activation mantra, “9 Above, 3 Within, 9 Below.


So with the first chakra in the ground this connects with the Earth Angel, the second transpersonal chakra in the ground connects with the Earth Archangel. The circle is an ancient and universal symbol for oneness, unity, wholeness, completion and sacred space. It is an introspection into how my own Chakras are functioning and how to clear and align myself.

When you first start this practice, just do it for a few minutes out loud before you spend a few moments repeating the Elohim silently. Dr Joshua David Stone was one of the most influential Spiritual teachers, leaders and forerunners of our time. The Flower of Life is the geometry of creation.

Lightworker Attunement Package 1

The four transmissions sequentially build various parts of your Pillar of Light. This gives you an in-depth knowledge into these energy centers.

You also integrate these transpersonal chakras with the 3 Power Centers Head, Heart, and Belly within the body. Embedded on top of the transmission is a meditation sequence which maps, builds, and communicates with the Spiritual Hierarchy. An Extract from the novel Redemption.

Lightworker Attunement Package 1 | Sunshine UK

In her Melchizedek Workshops, Joan takes you through a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment with the release of old belief systems and programs that limit you. The Chakra class is attuhement more than learning the technicalities of the Chakras. Embedded on top of the transmission is a meditation sequence that builds all the major power centers within the body.

I left feeling refreshed and recharged, ready to bring this into my own practice. Sacred Geometry, with the Hologram of Love in the pattern of the Flower of Life, is the basis for the Melchizedek teachings. Create new account Request new password. Add your Review Rating.

Find a comfortable posture, either lying down or sitting up, whatever you prefer. For further information about using these beneficial healing disciplines for renewed energy, health, and stress reduction, contact Joan at jruggiero gmail. The 7 Elohim are mighty Beings atyunement Love and Light.


The magical realm of sacred geometry expresses itself in the beautiful patterns of creation. Starting with the simple, the quest for deeper understanding can begin.

Saturday, February 16 -Sunday, February 17 Access the best success, personal development, health, fitness, business, and financial advice And as the air is expelled from the lower abdomen you would be chanting the “heeeeeem” sound. Embedded on top of the transmission attunnement a meditation sequence with the 9 transpersonal chakras that are below in the ground.

She exposes you to attunemment different healing modalities, educates you on each Chakra, and delves into the chakra archetypes.

*** Chanting Elohim as a Way to Attune with the Divine Within

Free Self Improvement Newsletters. He had a Ph. Group presentations and workshops are available. Try your best to be as rhythmically consistent as possible, so that neither the chant nor the breath is broken. Joan moves the course through the functions of the Chakras using movement, vocals, and knowledge to create an all encompassing experience with love and guidance.

For example, the first transpersonal chakra will be connected to the Angels, the second transpersonal chakra will be connected with the Archangels, and so on.